Marty Birkholt, PhD

Marty Birkholt, PhD

Marty Birkholt, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Communication Studies


  • Associate Professor

Publications and Presentations



  • , 57, 87-105



Awards and Honors

  • Debate and public speaking consultant for congressional candidate in Nebraska's second district, John Ewing. Worked to develop and refine briefs on major issues. Prepped the candidate for the two public debates and other public events and designed and conducted practice debates. Had weekly three-hour meetings for about four months. (May and August-November, 2012), 2012
  • Lab Leader at Ohio University High School Speech and Debate Camp for the section focused on Public Forum Debate. Worked with students 8-12 hours daily for the week of camp. Taught units on argumentation and persuasion theory to the entire cohort and did individual work on research, argument construction, refutation, rebuttal, and cross-examination with a small group of debaters. (July 2012) , 2012
  • Iggy Award, 2012
  • Individual training sessions with Associate Pastor John Eggen, Bethany Lutheran Church. These weekly 2-3 hour sessions focused on a wide range of public speaking skills including general delivery, expression of emotion, use of gestures and movement, and message design. We are currently working on extemporaneous delivery with the goal of becoming completely free of any notes during presentation of the speech. (August, 2011 - Present) , 2011