Tony B. Williams, PhD
Tony B. Williams, PhD

Tony B. Williams, PhD

Assistant Professor
Graduate School

Academic Appointments


  • Interdisciplinary Studies


  • Assistant Professor


I have over 15 years of academic experience to include classroom instruction, faculty development, and administration. In these roles I have served as a research advisor for over 60 graduate students, have been responsible for the operations of the military's equivalent of a small college, developed, taught and assessed course and program curriculum, created faculty development programs in curriculum philosophy and delivery methods, as well as maintained academic accreditation for a program with over 1,000 graduates annually. In my current position, I lead a team of nine Instructional System Desþ specialists in developing graduate level curriculum and I conduct the course and program assessment and evaluation. In my dissertation I did extensive research on educational history teaching methods and learning theory in creating a specialized business doctoral program. I also maintain a current TSiSCI clearance.

Publications and Presentations


  • Air Force Commanders and Barriers to Entry into a Doctoral Business Program. Journal of Education for Business, 86(3):140-147., Journal of Education for Business, 86(3), 140-147
  • LeMire, S.D., Melby, M.L., Haskins,4.M., & Williams, T. The Devalued Student: Misalignment of Student Prior Mathematics Knowledge and Level of Instruction. The
    Mathematics Educator. 22(l): 63-83., The Mathematics Educator, 22(1), 63-83


  • Grand Forks Career and Character Education Speaker, 2007
  • City of Grand Forks Memorial Day; Key note speaker, 2006

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

    1. Adult Education
    2. Non Traditional Education
    3. Faculty Development
    4. Leadership Development
    5. Mentorship

Grant Funding Received

  • Williams, A. (2003) Secretary of the Air Force Reinvestment grant. Amount $965,000. Funded.
  • Williams, A. (2003) Secretary of the Air Force Quality of Life grant. Amount $100,000. Funded.

Awards and Honors

  • Institute for Leadership Development, 2011
  • Institute for Leadership Development, 2010