P-Card/Credit Card

         Using your University credit card (P-Card) can make purchasing small dollar purchases more cost effective for the University. 

         Using a P-Card is accepted by most vendors and will immediately commit the University to paying for the expense.  It is imperative that all card users verify the availability of budgeted funds before using the card.

         Each time the P-Card is used, the detail receipt should be returned to the card Custodian.  A detail receipt will describe the item(s) purchased with the card.

         Every week, the Custodian should:

1.     Review the card transactions online in the P-Card software (CCOR) and compare the transactions to the receipts received from the users. 

2.     Notify the card Approver that they have transactions to approve. 

         At the end of the billing cycle, the Custodian should:

1.     Confirm all transactions in the billing cycle have been approved by the deadline. 

2.     Print the P-Card Routing Form from CCOR.  If the form has transactions listed, attach the receipts and forward to Accounting Services before the due date. 


To obtain a University P-Card or for more information about using the P-Card, see the Purchasing website.