Fixed Asset FAQ

How do I Dispose or Move a fixed asset?

If you determine that a tagged asset is to be disposed

  1. Call Purchasing department at 280-2712
  2. Contact Facilities Management on their website by completing the Service Request Form.
  3. Complete an Asset Disposal/Move Form and forward to Accounting Services.

If you are moving the asset to another room or department, complete an Asset Disposal/Move Form and forward to Accounting Services. 

How do I request a list of my fixed assets?

Contact Leisha Moxness 

How do I complete the Asset Locator Form?

When your department purchases equipment valued at $5000 or more, we need to tag the equipment.  We will send you a barcode tag and an Asset Locator Form. 

  1. Affix the tag to the equipment where it will be easy to scan but not interfere with the equipment. 
  2. Verify the room and building and fill in any missing information of the Asset Locator form, including serial number.
  3. Sign & Date the form
  4. Send it back to Accounting Services 

We are using our old equipment to trade-in for new equipment. Do we need to let Accounting Services know?

Yes.  It is important to complete an Asset Disposal/Move Form for the equipment that is being used as a trade-in.


Where is the best place on the equipment to place the tag?

Preferably  the front of the equipment where it can be easily scanned during inventory.