Creighton University

Accounting Policies


Release of Checks




July 1, 1993


July 1, 1997

Once a check has been written and signed, it becomes a negotiable instrument that can be cashed by the recipient. Therefore, it is imperative that proper controls be exercised over the release of checks to designated payees. Two basic categories of "checks" are covered by this policy - disbursements checks and drafts. The third type of check (payroll check/direct deposit advice) is covered under PYPL04 in this manual.


Disbursement Checks

Vendor checks will be mailed to the vendor. Multiple invoices from a specific vendor are generally consolidated into a single payment by the financial system. Non-payroll employee payments will be mailed directly to the payee's home department via the campus mail. If there is a need to obtain an individual check sooner, the payee may come to the Controller's Office (after proper prior notification to the Office) and pick up that one specific check after presenting proper identification. To request a vendor check be held at the Controller's Office for pickup or mailed back to the requesting department, the requesting department must document a valid business purpose with the original request. Without a documented request, the check will be mailed directly to the vendor.


For those departments who have received authorization to utilize drafts in lieu of checks, the issuance of the drafts is controlled solely by the issuing department without involvement by the Controller's Office.