Creighton University

Accounting Policies


Documentation Requirements for Disbursements




July 1, 1993


January, 2000

As an integral part of the controls utilized by Creighton University to safeguard its assets, proper documentation is required for all disbursements. Documentation should include the date of the transaction, the vendor/service provider's name, the total cost, and an itemized list of the goods or services obtained with a cost for each item. Payments to vendors should be supported by original invoices received from the vendor. Vendors should be requested to forward invoices directly to the Business Service Center. Payments are not typically made from vendor statements recapping previously issued invoices. Every effort should be made to obtain original receipts to support any and all disbursements. The signature of the Vice President of Administration and Finance is required on the original copy of all contracts before any request for disbursement on the contract can be processed.

Because the University's financial accounting system provides the ability to include an invoice and/or reference number on a check stub, vendor invoices will not typically be sent as attachments to a payment check. In situations where an invoice number is not readily available and in other special circumstances, attachments will be included. Sample situations include credit card remittances, subscription payments, and conference registration forms. The general rule will be to provide an attachment only when the check stub cannot provide sufficient information for the payee to properly apply the payment.

When obtaining original documentation to support payment claims, department personnel should be aware that Creighton University, in general, is not subject to sales tax. Vendors should be aware of this situation in advance, since sales tax amounts on invoices will usually be deducted by Accounts Payable before the document is processed for payment. Department personnel should contact the Purchasing Department to obtain clarification on situations where Creighton University is subject to sales tax. Failure to properly coordinate with the vendor can result in a subsequent invoice for the sales tax amount which will be treated as a discrepancy by the vendor, typically and unproductively resulting in additional processing time.

When University faculty, staff and students are requesting personal reimbursement for expenses of $75 or more, an original receipt or invoice is required. Receipts are required for all lodging expenses, regardless of amount.