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Payment Processing - Non-Purchase Order-Related




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July 1, 1993


January, 2000



This procedure addresses all payment situations other than those related to a purchase order. Specific procedures have also been provided later in this section to address the unique requirements of certain types of transactions. (Please reference the listing at the beginning of this section to determine what types of transactions are included in these "special" procedures.)



Direct Pay Request (DPR)



Invoices that do not relate to a purchase order are typically received directly by department personnel. If the invoice is initially received in the Controller's Office, it will be sent to the appropriate departmental contact to begin the payment process. When an invoice is received by a department, it should verify that the goods or services on the invoice have been received. If they have not been received, the invoice should be held until they are received or the delay is discussed and satisfactorily resolved with the vendor.

The department should prepare and attach a DPR form to the invoice and complete all information as specified in the instructions provided in Section VI, STANDARD FORMS, of this manual. Be sure to note on the DPR if this is a one-time vendor or a new vendor, so special Vendor File updating can occur in the Controller's Office. Departmental processing personnel should verify that the appropriate address information is present. If any of this data is missing, it should be noted on the DPR. (See Vendor Information - Add, Inactivate.)

When the department specifies the accounting distribution to be charged for the invoice amount, it is imperative that budget availability be checked at that time.

Once the DPR form has been completely prepared, all reviews have been performed, and all signatures have been obtained, the completed form with the invoice and any other supporting documentation attached should be sent to the Controller's Office as quickly as possible for processing.

Payment processing responsibility in the Controller's Office has been assigned based upon the first letter of the vendor's name. If there are questions regarding the status of the invoice's processing, the Contacts List in Section II of this manual indicates which processor should be contacted.