Federal Work Study Agreement

Federal Work Study Agreement

Your NEST self service web page is the place to go to view and accept your financial aid offer. If you have been awarded Federal Work Study by the CU Financial Aid office, and you have accepted the award, your next step is to complete and submit this application. (you can use the tab button to advance to the next field-please do not hit the back button until you've successfully completed and submitted the form).

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Section A
If you had a Federal Work Study job last year at Creighton, indicate:
If you answered yes to the above, skip to Section C. If no, proceed to Section B:
Section B

All students who wish to be assigned to a new work-study position must complete the following information. Please pick three departments on campus that interest you. Enter first (1) second (2) and third (3) preferences in the boxes. If you wish to indicate a specific type of work within your chosen department, an additional box is provided. While your preferences are taken into consideration when possible, assignment to specified departments is not guaranteed. "Office work" for all of the below involves light to moderate typing, filing, telephone work, photocopying and errand running.

Example of choosing a work study area preference and work type.

Academic Departments - (daytime hrs only, M-F) - Faculty Aid; office work

Administrative Offices - light bookkeeping; admissions assistant; financial aid/student employment clerk; office work

Athletics - gym/field/equipment aide; training room assistant; sports team assistant; office work

Campus Recreation - facility/equipment aide; aide; office work

Computer Center - student technician; help desk

Fine Arts Center - costume shop; scene shop; studio maintenance; gallery guard; box office; faculty aide; office work

Health Sciences - (daytime hrs only, M-F) - lab maintenance; stockroom assistant; computer assistant; office work

Child Development Center - (daytime hrs only, M-F ) -child care aide; office work

Labor - mail sorting; custodial; vehicle maintenance; Student Center setup crew

Library - Reinert Library; Health Sciences Library; Law Library (all may involve shelving, circulation desk, office work)

Public Safety - student patrol, office work

Student Services - residence hall maintenance; student health clerk; office work

Paid community service opportunities:

Tutorial programs for adolescent students. (Must be upperclassman, 3.0 >qpa, sensitive to cultural diversity)

Off-campus community service sites, to be coordinated through the Creighton Student Employment Office. Indicate any previous community service experiences or areas of interest in comment section. Also indicate if you have transportation.
Section C
Please read the following conditions of employment:
I must report to the Student Employment Office, Harper Center, rm 2054, within five days after the Fall semester begins to receive my Federal Work-Study (FWS) assignment. Failure to do so may result in termination of the offer. Returning student workers may get their assignment in the mail if their financial aid status is complete. All new student employees or students whose employment on campus is inactive must present valid ID that proves eligibility to work in the US. Commonly acceptable documents are: ORIGINAL social security card or birth certificate or U.S. Passport. New or inactive student employees MUST present one of these documents in person when picking up work assignment. For a complete list of acceptable documents for the I-9 federal Employment eligibility form go to:
Earnings I receive under the Federal Work-Study Program are for my personal expenses connected with attendance at Creighton University. Earnings are not used to offset my tuition and/or room and board expenses.

Hourly pay rates are at least the State of NE minimum. When applicable, hourly pay raises will be implemented only at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester. Payments for hours worked will be made to me every other Friday. I have the option of signing up for Direct Deposit for my paychecks. This job is not benefits eligible.

Federal Work study earnings are taxable income. I am, however, exempt from FICA withholding as long as I am enrolled at least half-time.

If my enrollment status at Creighton University changes, I will notify the Student Employment Office immediately.

My work-study award is limited to the dollars shown on my award letter. I should make every attempt to keep a regular, consistent schedule throughout the year, so that I earn all the allocation, but do not run out of funds before the year is over. Working over the amount awarded may result in a reduction of other financial aid. Your supervisor will be sent your up- to -date earnings information every two weeks and should share that information with you. You can also view your earnings on your Student Self Service web. Open "Award Information" link then "Award History."

The University is largely an operation which functions 8:00 am -4:30 pm, Monday Friday. If you plan to work through the FWS program, it is advisable to plan your academic schedule and other campus activities so that you have about 1.5 -2 daytime hours each day for your work schedule. Evening and weekend hours are limited to a few departments and are not readily available.

It is my responsibility to accurately complete and sign my timesheet. Fraudulent submission of work hours will result in the cancellation of FWS eligibility. My supervisor must co-sign and submit my timesheet to the Payroll Office on time. I authorize my supervisor to submit my timesheet without my signature if I am not available. (Failure to submit timesheets on the day they are due will result in a delay of payment.)

I realize that the intent of my Federal Work-Study position is to provide a work commitment to my employer. It does not include time for study.

I agree to remain at the job assigned to me by the Student Employment office for the entire academic year. (Transferring from one job to another will only be granted with special permission and under certain guidelines from the Student Employment Office.)

I understand that upon termination from a work-study position, I must report to the Student Employment Office for reassessment within ten (10) working days. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of my Federal Work Study award for the remainder of the academic year.

I understand that I am prohibited from working during a scheduled class time.

I understand and acknowledge that all information I come in contact with relating to student, patient or employee files, paper or electronic, while working for Creighton University and/or CHI Health, will be held in strict confidence. Accessing such information for personal use, allowing another person access, or divulging such information is cause for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Failure to comply with Federal Work Study rules and regulations may result in the permanent loss of Federal Work Study eligibility.

I understand that by emailing this FWS agreement, I acknowledge and agree to the above conditions of my work-study employment.

Note If you complete and e-mail this Federal Work-Study Employment Agreement, a specific job slot will be held for you. Your assigned department will be relying on you to report in as soon as the semester begins. In order to avoid staffing difficulties, it is important that you notify the Student Employment Office (402-280-2457 or 1-800-282-5835 or studentemployment@creighton.edu) if your intention to work through FWS changes.
If applicable, list your CU Residence Hall for the upcoming year:

All new student employees or students whose employment on campus is inactive must present valid ID that proves eligibility to work in the US.  Commonly acceptable documents are:  ORIGINAL social security card or birth certificate or U.S. Passport.  New or inactive student employees MUST present one of these documents in person when picking up work assignment.  For more information and a complete list of acceptable documents for the I-9 federal Employment eligibility form go to: www.creighton.edu/studentemployment/hiringmaterials/