Summer School Aid

Summer School Aid

For students wishing to attend summer school and receive financial aid, a FAFSA for the new academic year will need to be on file and students need to complete a Summer Aid Application. For students attending during the summer, please keep in mind the following:

* You must be enrolled at least half-time over the combined summer sessions to be eligible for aid. Your loan funds won't be disbursed until you hit the 1/2 time requirement.

* During the summer, only Federal Pell Grant funds (for eligible undergraduate students) and Federal Direct Student Loans are available. No University Scholarships are honored during the summer. Funds received in the summer will reduce fall and spring eligibility. 

* You may need to complete additional loan requirements in order to borrow during the summer. Those requirements will be communicated once you accept the aid offer. 

For a complete listing of summer courses that are being offered, please see the Summer Bulletin.

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