Apply and FAQ

Looking for Leadership?

Creighton University's Freshman Leadership Program (FLP) was started in 1987 and has been recognized nationally as a premier student leadership program. New freshman students annual apply for this unique freshman program.

Sixty members are selected for this prestigious opportunity each year.

To Apply:

Fill out the online FLP Application.
Applications are due by January 4, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the Application Due?
    The online application must be submitted by January 4, 2019. 
    Please fill out the online FLP Application in your Student Portal:

  2. When will I know whether I got in or not?
    We can guarantee that the letters will be sent out by March 1st at the latest.
  3. How many people are accepted into the program every year?
    60 students, 30 male and 30 female, are accepted each year.
  4. Is it possible to stay involved in FLP after your Freshman year?
    Absolutely! FLP is a student run organization. Upperclassmen are the mentors, executives, and the student coordinator for the program.
  5. What are some of the benefits to being in FLP?
    It is a great way to be part of a community as soon as you get to school. Also, it provides great resources for you to grow as a leader and challenges you to use your leadership to do service for and with others. Another great benefit of being in FLP is that it helps you build connections with leaders on campus. Many FLPers go on to hold leadership positions in student and community organizations.
  6. Can I be in FLP and the Honors Program?
    Unfortunately, you cannot be in both programs your freshman year.  However, you can apply for the Honors Program your sophomore year.
  7. Does it cost more to be in FLP?
    No! Being in FLP has no additional charges.
  8. What is the time commitment of FLP?
    Every Tuesday night from 7:30-9pm, students attend a leadership seminar with a guest speaker from the campus or Omaha community or a workshop that is focused on building leadership skills.  Due to the nature of Tuesday night FLP commitments we require that all students not sign up for classes on Tuesday nights.  Students participate in weekly service with their mentor groups and the day assigned is dependent on the students' schedules. Students are also pre-enrolled in a course that fits into the Magis Core. Other than that, we have one weekend service event a month and about one social event a month.
  9. Can I be involved in other activities on campus and FLP?
    Absolutely, FLP is a great stepping stone to get involved. FLP helps to establish connections throughout the Creighton and Omaha communities.

If you still have questions please contact Katie Kelsey.