Community Activism

Community Activism Projects are enhanced by the academic component of FLP, the Communication Studies course. This course is required for all members of the program to take during their first semester.


The purpose of FLP's Community Activism is to empower freshmen to become agents of change by exploring the process of social change. It begins with the students having the time to research, learn and look for needs in the surrounding communities.  After that, they choose an issue or need that they are passionate about and want to improve.  Then, as leaders, the students develop a plan to work to improve the issue or need, which often involves bringing people together to accomplish the goal of affecting a need in the community.   Hopefully, after the freshmen year, students will have the desire to continue the involvement with the cause or organization and see changes throughout their Creighton careers.

Last year we raised over $5,500 as a gross amount on the Thanksgiving Dinner, and donated 1,000 books and 60 blankets for our Spring Community Activism Project.