The mentors are an important aspect for the program because they provide an inclusive space for freshmen, while helping them navigate their first year of school. The mentors act as both friend and mentor so that an example and home can be available to each member.

--Mallory Cranwell, Mentor Exec. 17-18

The mentor component of the Freshman Leadership Program is what sets it apart from other groups on campus.  Each freshman is placed into a mentor group, consisting of 5 other freshmen along with two FLP graduates. The mentors act as resources to their groups and provide the freshmen with advice and direction, helping them get the most out of their Creighton experience. Since there are 60 people in the program, mentor groups give freshmen the opportunity to interact with a smaller group and form relationships with people on a different level.

After listening to speakers with the larger group, freshmen participate in reflection activities facilitated by their mentors. Mentor groups also participate in individual social activities, such as group dinners or outings off-campus, allowing the group to become closer on an informal level. Many freshmen feel as though they find their "family away from home" when they establish a relationship with their groups. The bonds formed continue even after freshman year. Mentors are part of what makes FLP such a special program, providing one of the many ways in which people can form life-long relationships while putting the principles of leadership into action.

A few mentor groups showing off their creativity this year: