Children and Vulnerable Adults

Children and Vulnerable Adults


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Required Training

Learn more about the training requirements for individuals working with children and vulnerable adults

Creighton University adopted the Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy to ensure that departments, student organizations, and outside groups have adequately prepared for the supervision and responsibility of working with children and vulnerable adults.  This policy applies to program and events both on and off campus where children or vulnerable adults are the target audience.

Who are defined as children or vulnerable adults?

Children are minors under the age of 19 and vulnerable adults are adults with a substantial functional or mental impairment.

What is required for a department or program to offer an activity or event intended for children or vulnerable adults?

This policy requires the program or activity to be formally registered with the University and that each employee, volunteer, or representative successfully pass a criminal background check and required training.  This must all be completed prior to the start of the program or activity for the individual to be authorized.

How does a department or program register their program?

The department or program will need to register the program/event at least thirty (30 days) prior to the beginning of the program/event.  To register your program, please visit Steps to Registering Your Program.