Amnesty for Reporting Parties and Witnesses

Creighton University encourages the reporting of harassment, discrimination, sexual and/or relationship misconduct.

Sometimes, individuals may be hesitant to report to university officials or participate in resolution processes because they fear that they themselves may be accused of policy violations, such as underage drinking, use of a fake ID, or violating a department policy at the time in which the incident occurred. In promoting the best interests of the campus community, and encouraging individuals to report to the Office of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance, the University offers individuals who feel they have been the target of a policy violation and witnesses to such alleged violations amnesty from minor policy and/or code of conduct violations related to the incident, unless the University determines that the violation was serious and/or placed the health or safety of others at risk.

The University may, however, initiate an educational discussion or pursue other educational interventions regarding alcohol or other drugs.  Amnesty does not preclude or prevent action by police or other legal authorities.