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Health Graduate Certificates

Develop a deeper understanding of health care to lead positive change

Patient outcomes are dependent on having a strong health care system—positive outcomes don’t exist in a bubble. A graduate certificate in health from Creighton University can help you learn new skills and approach your work with a deeper understanding of conflict resolution in a health care setting, ethical decision making and the environmental and behavioral factors that determine an individuals’ health.

You don’t have to pause your important work with patients to advance your skills. Creighton offers a variety of online graduate certificate programs in health care—many of which can be completed in a fraction of the time it takes to earn an advanced degree. And if you change your mind and want to earn that advanced degree after all, you can apply most credits to a related master’s.

Explore getting a graduate certificate in health care

Find a health care certificate program below to learn program details, duration, method and more.


  • Face moral dilemmas in health care head on. This program provides a comprehensive introduction to bioethics and provides tools to discuss complex issues in clinical ethics and health care policy.

Clinical Ethics Consultation

  • Advance your skills in ethics consultation and prepare for the Healthcare Ethics Consultant-Certified (HEC-C) exam. Gain hands-on experience in ethical assessment, analysis, process and evaluation with this program.

Health Care Collaboration and Conflict Management

  • This program empowers those working in nursing, administration, public health, health care law, EMS, medicine or other health professions to approach and effectively manage conflict in a health care setting.

Healthcare Educator Teaching & Learning

  • Become an expert in health professions education with this certificate program. Courses cover adaptive teaching and learning methods, leadership strategies, and more.

Healthcare Management

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the many pieces that go into successful health care management. Courses cover legal, ethical and societal elements, as well as financial and human resource management.

Lifestyle Medicine

  • Help individuals take charge of their own health. Learn how to guide patients or clients to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes, taking a whole-person approach that factors in nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and more.

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