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Master’s Degrees

Advance your career and elevate your skills with a master’s degree

Master’s degree programs at Creighton University give you an opportunity to learn more about what you love, boost your credibility in your field, open doors to new or higher-earning career opportunities, and allow you to conduct research that makes an impact. 

By earning your master’s degree at Creighton, you are investing in yourself and committing to a quality education that provides more than a basic curriculum. You’ll be educated as a whole person in the Jesuit tradition by expert faculty who act as both teachers and mentors—and who shape their courses through a lens of social justice.

For these reasons and more, Creighton consistently ranks among the top master’s degree granting universities in the United States.

Discover all of Creighton’s Master’s Degree Options

A master’s can help you further specialize your skill set in areas such as business, education, health, leadership and scientific research.

Explore your master’s degree options

Creighton’s master’s degree programs span a wide variety of interests to further enrich your undergraduate studies and provide growth opportunities and competitive advantages in your field. Find your program below to learn more about program goals, admission requirements and more.

Master’s Degrees in Business

Master’s Degrees in Education

Master’s Degrees in Health

Master’s Degrees in Health Sciences

Master's Degrees in Leadership

Master’s Degrees in Ministry Formation

Master’s Degrees in Natural Science

Master’s Degrees in Nursing

Still not sure which master’s degree is right for you? Learn more about our Master’s Degrees in Business, Master’s Degrees in Education, Master’s Degrees in Health, Master’s Degrees in Leadership, Master’s Degrees in Natural Science and Master’s Degrees in Ministry Formation.

Learning Options That Make It Easy to Reach Your Goals

Whether you’ve just received your bachelor's degree or you’re already in the working world and you want to advance your career, our master’s degree programs have learning options that can fit your lifestyle.

Degree programs held on-campus offer opportunities to use state-of-the-art labs and enjoy available on-campus amenities. Our online degree options allow you the flexibility you need, but still provide you with the same resources and faculty support available to students on-campus. And if those options both sound great, a hybrid program that pairs on-campus and online studies could be right for you.

"When a graduate student is job hunting, Creighton alumni (who live all over the country) are very willing to visit with them to career counsel them, mentor them and help them make professional connections. Our alumni network is a huge benefit to our master’s programs."
— Randy Jorgenson PhD, CFA | Associate Professor, Heider College of Business

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