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Nursing Master’s Degrees

Master’s Degree in Nursing

Gain the skills necessary to be a leader in today's challenging health care environment. If you’re ready to take a more active role in delivering quality healthcare and shaping health policy, a master’s degree in nursing from Creighton University can help you meet your goals. Through courses in nursing and negotiation and conflict resolution, you’ll become an even more effective critical and creative thinker, communicator and team leader.

Creighton’s College of Nursing, founded on the principles of the Jesuit Catholic tradition, encourages students to become creative scholars, reflective and compassionate practitioners, collaborative professionals and global citizens. Our dedicated faculty create and share new knowledge to advance the discipline of nursing through teaching, service, research and professional practice.

Many of our master’s degrees offer flexibility, reliability and customization opportunities. Our  Master of Science in Nursing, for example, is offered mostly online, full- or part-time, and you can choose from three different tracks based on your chosen career path.

Nancy Bredenkamp

Care for the Whole Person

“Creighton’s Jesuit values are intrinsic to nursing. When we talk about care for the whole person, that, at its core, is really what nursing is all about. We teach our students to always make sure they're caring for the whole person, not just somebody in a bed.”

–Nancy Bredenkamp PhD, APRN-NP | Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs & Graduate Faculty Chair, College of Nursing

Explore earning your master’s in nursing

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Nursing (MSN)

  • Gain advanced scientific knowledge and practical hands-on experience in one of two tracks: Nursing Administration and Leadership or Nursing Education. Graduate ready to become a dynamic leader in your field.
We work hard to place our students in an environment where they are going to grow and learn and be successful, where we know they will make a difference and be happy.
— Kandis McCafferty | Instructor, College of Nursing

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