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Professional Development Courses

Small Time Commitment, Big Rewards

Professional development courses can provide a big boost to your resume. At Creighton University, we teach in-demand skills in targeted courses.

Some courses take about half a day to complete, while others are taught over several weeks. Either way, Creighton’s professional development courses are designed to be streamlined and flexible, with online and on-campus options.

Discover All of Creighton’s Professional Development Courses

Completing a course related to your field is an excellent way to show organizations exactly how you can add value.

Explore your options for professional development

Creighton offers a wide variety of professional development courses designed to help you remain competitive in your field. Explore our course offerings below to learn more about how we can help you enhance your skills and work toward your professional goals.

Education Courses

  • Teachers and administrators can learn valuable skills to take back to their schools.

Finance Courses

  • Elevate your career by increasing your expertise in areas such as behavior finance, client communication and more.

Health Courses

  • Health care professionals can learn skills to better care for their patients and increase their own resiliency. We also offer training for community advocates.

Project Management Courses

  • Prepare for a project management certification exam or simply learn the basics with our experienced instructors.

Technology and Innovation Courses

  • With courses on topics such as design thinking, Creighton can help you stay up to date in your field.