2020 News Archive

Libraries seek faculty input on collections

The University Libraries seek to engage with faculty on annual changes to library collections. The cost of subscription resources, such as journals and databases, continues to outpace annual increases to the collections budget. Faculty are invited to review a list of resources considered for cancellation and make recommendations for new resources using the new library collections webpage. All comments and recommendations received before Dec. 21 will be considered. Faculty are encouraged to provide detailed justification for retaining resources considered for cancellation and/or adding new resources, as we will have to advocate for a collections budget increase. The collection development committee seeks feedback on this new process, which can be submitted on the same webpage.

Library Staff Retreat Thursday, October 29th

Reference services will be unavailable. Please fill out the literature search request form or send an email to refdesk@creighton.edu. We will respond on Friday, October 30th.


Posted October 28, 2020

HSL Building Reopens Monday, August 3, 2020

The Health Sciences Library building reopens Monday, August 3, 2020. The building will be open Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Reference service will be available when the building is open with the addition of telepresence via chat, email, or phone from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturdays when the building is closed. Fall building hours and Fall reference hours will begin August 24, 2020. 

In order to keep our university community safe, the following modifications have been made to our library spaces and policies:

  • Furniture has been spaced to allow for social distancing, resulting in fewer overall seats.
  • Limited individual seating will be available for reservation using LibCal Seats; visitors planning to study in the library are encouraged to reserve a seat in advance. Reserve a seat.
  • All library visitors must be wearing masks, due to this, food is not permitted in the libraries at this time.
  • Study group spaces are for individual use only.
  • All library users are asked to use materials provided to wipe down study spaces after use.

The library COVID-19 online guide to resources and policies.

**Staff are available via email, phone, and chat to assist you. We encourage patrons to utilize our many remote resources and services when possible.

We remain
Yours in Service,
The Staff of the Health Sciences and Reinert-Alumni Libraries

Studying for licensing exams? Try BoardVitals

Studying for NAPLEX, NCLEX, USMLE, NBDE, or INBDE, or any of dozens of medical specialty board certification or MOC exams? BoardVitals has question banks with thousands of practice questions. To login, you will need to register for an account with your Creighton email and respond to the verification message. 

Use the questions for self-assessment, take a practice test, or to study for your exams.

The libraries no longer provides access to ExamMaster.


Posted July 13, 2020

Library offers curbside pickup

Preparing for courses this fall? Need access to physical materials in the library collections? The Libraries are offering a curbside service to our faculty while our team works to reopen our buildings. To place your request, please send an email to hslcirc@creighton.edu and a library team member will respond to confirm availability of the materials. Hand off of materials will take place outside the front door of the Health Sciences Library on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 1-3 p.m. Confirmation emails will contain instructions for material pickup upon arrival.


Posted July 8, 2020

Library closed for Memorial Day

The library is closed for Memorial Day. Library staff will resume providing library services Tuesday, May 26th, 2020.


Posted May 25, 2020.

New Pubmed

The National Library of Medicine has released a new interface for Pubmed. It will become the default on May 18th, 2020. You will still be able to switch back to the old interface for awhile. Read FAQ's and user guide for new Pubmed.


Posted May 6, 2020

Library 3D printing PPE

Library staff are partnering with CHI Health to 3D print PPE. Contact David Buffington for questions about 3D printing.


Posted April 8, 2020

Easter hours

Campus is closed but the libraries are responding to questions and interlibrary loan remotely. The Health Sciences Library's remote services will be checked intermittently for the observance of Easter beginning Holy Thursday, April 9th at 6 pm. Normal remote service hours will resume Monday, April 13th at 7:30 am.


Posted April 7, 2020

Health Sciences Library building is closed

The Health Sciences Library's building is closed to all but library staff. Library staff are working in the building and from home. Library staff are providing all of our services and can help with research, providing articles, books, and streaming media. Contact us by email, phone or chat. 

The Reinert Alumni Library building is open for quiet study space. Please practice good social distance hygiene.


Posted March 26, 2020

Libraries are card access only.

Beginning Thursday, March 19th, 2020, the library is card access only. To decrease spread of COVID-19 all campus buildings are only open to faculty, staff, and students. See the University COVID-19 March 18th, update for more details.


Posted March 18th, 2020

Library Services Update - COVID-19

A message from the Assistant Vice Provost for Libraries.

While campus is closed, staff are on hand to assist you virtually. Our email, chat, and telephones are being answered from home. We encourage patrons to utilize our many remote resources and services when possible. The library has launched an online guide to these sources. Please continue to check the library websites for updates.

COVID-19 Health Sciences Library Hours.
COVID-19 Reference Service Hours.

Beginning Tuesday, April 7th, 2020, all of campus, including the Health Sciences Library, .


Posted March 13, 2020
Revised March 16, 2020
Revised March 18, 2020
Revised March 26, 2020
Revised April 7, 2020



Message from the Assistant Vice Provost for Libraries

To our library users:

As you may be aware, Creighton University has suspended in-person courses beginning on March 16, 2020 and will be moving to online delivery of courses for the near future. This is an effort to protect the health of our faculty, staff, and students, and to contribute to efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, and reduce the burden on our healthcare systems.

The Libraries (Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library and Health Sciences Library) will continue to partner with the University to offer high quality information resources to support learning. Our buildings will remain open, although hours will be shortened to reflect reduced staff capacity in the absence of many of our student workers. Please refer to the hours on our website, which are continuously updated.

For those accessing library services from off campus, the library is launching an online guide to offer reminders of how to locate resources remotely. Librarians are available to support faculty with procuring digital resources required for courses and online reference consultations will be available by appointment. To support students experiencing social isolation, our staff will highlight streaming video and music services that we offer. For those in our residence halls, we will be purchasing additional feature films to make available.

If you visit our library facilities, be aware that campus has implemented additional cleaning procedures to keep our community safe.

Our libraries are here to support students, faculty, and staff with information needs – wherever you may be located.


Elizabeth Kiscaden, MLIS, AHIP
Assistant Vice Provost Library Services
Creighton University


Posted March 13, 2020

11th edition of the AMA Manual of Style

Man of Style cover

The new edition of the AMA Manual of Style is now available.

From the publisher:

"The manual has been thoroughly updated, including comprehensive guidance on reference citations (including how to cite journal articles, books, reports, websites, databases, social media, and more), an expanded chapter on data display (for the first time in full color), a completely up-to-date chapter on ethical and legal issues (covering everything from authorship and open access to corrections and intellectual property), and updated guidance on usage (from patient-first language and terms to avoid to preferred spelling and standards for sociodemographic descriptors)."

Posted March 4, 2020


ClinicalKey New books and editions Oct-Dec 2019

December 2019

·         Addiction Medicine: Science and Practice (Johnson, Bankole) 2nd ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20180011676

·         Assessment and Treatment of AddictionThe (Danovitch, Itai) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C2016005129X

·         Atlas of Facial Implants (Yaremchuk, Michael) 2nd ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170040685

·         Atlas of Uncommon Pain Syndromes (Waldman, Steven) 4th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170034183

·         Before We Are Born (Moore, Keith) 10th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C2017001217X

·         Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapies for Cancer (Lee, Daniel) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170040661

·         Clinical Care of the Runner (Harrast, Mark) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20180017041

·         Concussion (Eapen, Blessen) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20180014498

·         Conn’s Current Therapy 2020 (Kellerman, Rick) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20180046599

·         Enzinger and Weiss’s Soft Tissue Tumors (Goldblum, John) 7th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170011588

·         Essential Surgery: Problems, Diagnosis and Management (Quick, Clive) 6th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170029890

·         Fundamentals of Emergency Ultrasound (McGahan, John) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170002422

·         Immunotherapies for Allergic Disease (Cox, Linda) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160045606

·         Introduction to Vascular Ultrasonography (Pellerito, John) 7th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20150015210

·         Kanski’s Clinical Ophthalmology (Salmon, John) 9th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170034079

·         Medical Genetics (Jorde, Lynn) 6th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170009679

·         Middleton’s Allergy: Principles and Practice (Burks, A. Wesley) 9th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20161002419

·         Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery (Lai, Hung-Wen) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20190009958

·         Munro Kerr’s Operative Obstetrics (Arulkumaran, Sri Sabaratnam) 13th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170030719

·         Oncoplastic Surgery of the Breast (Nahabedian, Maurice) 2nd ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170028914

·         Pediatric Hand Therapy (Abzug, Joshua) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160039682

·         Surgery of the Hip (Berry, Daniel) 2nd ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20140020345

·         Total Knee Arthroplasty (Scott, Richard) 3rd ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20180039869

·         Umphred’s Neurological Rehabilitation (Lazaro, Rolando) 7th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160032321

·         Williams Textbook of Endocrinology (Melmed, Shlomo) 14th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160054128


November 2019

·         Art and Science of Facelift Surgery, The (Niamtu, Joe) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170027684

·         Atlas of Reconstructive Breast Surgery (Pu, Lee) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160002425

·         Community Pharmacy (Rutter, Paul) 4th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20150042769

·         Current Surgical Therapy (Cameron, Andrew) 13th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170029567

·         Disorders of the Rotator Cuff and Biceps Tendon (Provencher, Matthew) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20110066905

·         Essential Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Symonds, Ian) 6th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170030744

·         Global Reconstructive Surgery (Chang, James) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160015607

·         Green’s Skeletal Trauma in Children (Mencio, Gregory) 6th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170022395

·         Kidney Transplantation: Principles and Practice (Knechtle, Stuart) 8th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160016066

·         Musculoskeletal MRI (Major, Nancy) 3rd ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20130189064

·         Onco-Nephrology (Finkel, Kevin) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160038871

·         Peters’ Atlas of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (Nabarro, Laura) 7th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20090615415

·         Problem Solving in Chest Imaging (Digumarthy, Subba) 1st ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20090338040

·         Rheumatology Secrets (West, Sterling) 4th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170006511

·         Workbook of Practical Neonatology (Polin, Richard) 6th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170038351


October 2019

·         Brenner and Rector’s The Kidney (Yu, Alan) 11th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20161038580

·         Core Techniques in Operative Neurosurgery (Jandial, Rahul) 2nd ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20140026019

·         Emery and Rimoin’s Principles and Practice of Medical Genetics and Genomics: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Gastrointestinal Disorders (Pyeritz, Reed) 7th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20160034198

·         Kern’s Cardiac Catheterization Handbook (Sorajja, Paul) 7th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170018311

·         Klaus and Fanaroff’s Care of the High-Risk Neonate (Fanaroff, Avroy) 7th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20170017159

·         Miller’s Anesthesia (Gropper, Michael) 9th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20161020047

·         Skeletal Trauma: Basic Science, Management, and Reconstruction (Browner, Bruce) 6th ed; https://login.cuhsl.creighton.edu/login?url=https://www.clinicalkey.com/dura/browse/bookChapter/3-s2.0-C20171021943

RefWorks planned outage February 8, 2020

Important notification:

Down Time for: Legacy RefWorks and (new) RefWorks; RefWorks Citation Manager and Write-n-Cite will be unavailable as well.

When: Starting 9PM Saturday February 8, 2020 Central Time, and for up to 12 hours.

RefWorks is completing the transition to a new datacenter. All RefWorks services will be unavailable while planned maintenance is performed.


Posted January 27, 2020

Library open until 8 pm on Saturdays

The library will now be open until 8:00 pm on Saturdays.


Posted January 9, 2020

New books in AccessMedicine October - December




Pathology: A Modern Case Study, 2e Q&A requires free MyAccess account


Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2020


Pathology: A Modern Case Study, 2e


Behavioral Medicine: A Guide for Clinical Practice, 5e


Current Diagnosis & Treatment Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery, 4e


Posted January 6th, 2020