Anti-Racism and Diversity Resources

Anti-Racism and Diversity Resources

These resources represent the views and opinions expressed by the Creighton University at Highlander team.

Creighton University at Highlander Anti-Racism List (As of June 2021) 

Creighton University at Highlander AcceleratorReady to take the next step in your journey? We have complied a list of useful resources. 

Start here with this video about systemic racism:

COVID-19 and Racial Equity:

The June Justice Challenge, with daily actions:

For Nebraska-Specific Action:

For Spanish-Speakers: 

For Families and Educators:

Reading List for Adults:

Reading for Kids about Diversity/Race:

A Mix of Resources, for all Kinds of Audiences

If You are Interested in Learning about Protests/Legislative Actions:

Anti-Racism and Diversity Statement