Health Savings Account

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Creighton Consumer Account Plan (CCAP) with the Health Savings Account (HSA)

The Creighton Consumer Account Plan (CCAP), together with a Health Savings Account (HSA) from PayFlex®, allows you to save tax-free dollars for future healthcare expenses while increasing your monthly pay with the lowest premium cost available. This is a high deductible health plan, so you are taking on some risk; you pay the full cost, after provider discounts are applied, of your medical expenses and prescriptions, but excluding preventative care which is still covered 100%. All of your expenses are applied to your deductible, coinsurance (if applicable), and out of pocket maximum. Once the maximum is reached, the plan pays 100% of your expenses.

To offset that risk, Creighton will help by contributing $500 for employee only coverage or $750 for family coverage into your HSA account if you complete the SimplyWell health risk questionnaire and screening. You can also save for future medical expenses by contributing pre-tax dollars to a Health Savings Account throughout the year or as needed. An HSA gives you flexibility so you can increase your contributions as needed during the year, or you can make a lump sum contribution if an unexpected expense comes up. In order to contribute to an HSA, you cannot be enrolled in another low deductible health plan. Contact Human Resources with questions.