New CCAP/HSA Participants

HSA Contribution Rule: You must be enrolled in CCAP plan and have no other low deductible health coverage.

What must I complete to receive the Employer Contributions?

  1. All employees who enroll in the Creighton Consumer Account Health Plan (CCAP) must complete the SimplyWell Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) and health screening to receive employer contribution money into their Health Savings Account at PayFlex®.
  2. All participants MUST open an HSA account with PayFlex® in order to receive the Creighton contribution and/or make contributions via payroll deduction. 
  3. HSA Contribution Rule: You must be enrolled in CCAP plan and have no other low deductible health coverage.

How do I establish my PayFlex® account, the HRQ, and setup my screening date?

The employer contribution deposit can be finished once the employee follows the three steps below:

  1. Employee establishes a Health Savings Account with PayFlex® by accessing and completing an application at the PayFlex® HSA Portal at In order to ensure timely deposits, the application must be completed within 31 days of employment. Once you have completed the account enrollment process, PayFlex® will issue you a debit card, and you will receive information about how to receive reimbursement, how to make an investment election, etc.
  2. Employee completes the on-line SimplyWell Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ).  Please log onto MyCreighton and click on the green apple icon on the left hand side to access SimplyWell and complete the questionnaire within 60 days from date of hire. The Wellness program guide provides the necessary details to complete this process and is located on the Wellness Program website. Please contact Dawn Obermiller at ext. 5721 with any questions.
  3. Employee schedules and completes the Health Screening. When you access the Health Risk Questionnaire, you will be given available dates and times to schedule a Health Screening. Please schedule your screening closest to your date of hire* (60 days from date of coverage start date).

*Exception: If your hire date is October through December, the HRQ & Health Screening are waived as it overlaps with open enrollment processes for the up-coming year.

New Hire Creighton Contribution Amounts

The employer contributions paid into the HSA bank account on behalf of the employee is pro-rated based on the following schedule:

Creighton Contribution Table

Coverage Effective Date

Employee Only


January - March



April - June



July - September



October - December



Upon completion of the Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ), Health Screening, and establishing an account at PayFlex®, employer contribution deposits will be made as soon as administratively feasible.

Information about PayFlex®

  • For active employees enrolled in the CCAP plan, Creighton will pay the account fees. 
  • Please DO NOT complete the online account application if you have already established a Creighton HSA account.
  • If you are unsure if you have enrolled, or if you are a new hire and you submitted an application on-line but are not sure the account was established, please do not try again.
  • For questions about accessing your Health Savings Account, please contact PayFlex®. 


HSA Contribution Facts

  • You must subtract the University's contribution from the total IRS maximum. For example: if you elect single coverage, and Creighton contributes $500 because you completed the HRQ and health screening, your annual contribution cannot exceed the employee portion noted above.
  • If you are 65 or older and are enrolled in Medicare, the IRS will not allow you to open or contribute to an HSA, though you can still elect the CCAP medical plan. If you are 65 or older and have not enrolled in Medicare, you are eligible to contribute to an HSA. 
  • Refer to IRS Publication 502 found at for covered medical and dental expenses.
  • HSA Contribution Rule: You must be enrolled in the CCAP plan and have no other low deductible health coverage.

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