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2015 Fall Tuition Remission Application

Dependent Application

Employee Application

Tuition Remission

A one-time application is required in the fall for incoming freshmen and employees enrolling for the first time. 

For questions regarding Tuition Remission, please contact Toni Parsley at 402-280-2913 or via email at

Please read the Tuition Remission Policy for complete eligibility requirements.

For your planning and budgeting purposes, the tuition remission administrative fee for the 2013-2014 year is $1,250 per semester for full-time students and $88 per credit hour for part-time students.  If you have questions regarding the administrative fee, please contact Ann O'Dowd at 402-280-2293.  Eligibility questions should be directed to Human Resources.

Important Notation related to Graduate School Programs (for benefit eligible employees only):

Creighton University employees who are interested in tuition remission for online graduate programs should contact LuAnn Schwery, Assistant Dean for the Graduate School, at 402-280-2772 or

FACHEX and Tuition Exchange Programs


For a list of participating schools in the FACHEX Program, please go to

Tuition Exchange

For a list of participating schools in the Tuition Exchange Program, please go to

Employee Child Undergraduate Admission to Creighton and the College Search Process

If you were not able to attend the presentation regarding information about the college search and the admissions process, please click on the link below for the PowerPoint Presentation. Sarah Richardson, Director of Admissions and Scholarships, outlines factors to consider when searching for the best college fit and provides information regarding the application process to Creighton. Human Resources provides information and guidelines for the Tuition Remission, Tuition Exchange, and FACHEX programs. This is an annual session that is held in the fall and employees with students in high school should consider attending, so watch for communications for next year's event.

Questions about session content can be directed to Sarah Richardson, Brian Nigg, or Toni Parsley. 

Employee Child Undergraduate Admission to Creighton and the College Search Process PowerPoint