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Committees and Councils

University Staff Advisory Council

The University Staff Advisory Council advises the President in matters affecting the general welfare and working conditions of all staff members. Representatives are elected by the staff in the appropriate Vice Presidential areas to serve a three-year term. Staff members may contact the Chair or any member of the Committee. Additional information regarding the members, activities and meeting minutes may be accessed at

University Committee on Benefits

The University Committee on Benefits acts as an advisory committee to the President regarding the benefits offered by the University.

The Committee is comprised of eleven members. Five faculty members are elected by the Academic Council. The Staff Advisory Council recommends four non-exempt staff members to the President for appointment. In addition, a faculty member with academic expertise in matters covered by the committee and an exempt staff member are appointed by the President. The University Human Resources Director or a delegate serves as ex-officio member. Each member is appointed for a three-year term at staggered intervals. To bring a concern to the Committee, contact a Committee member.

University Committee on the Status of Women

The University Committee on the Status of Women ensures that equal consideration is given to women in all aspects of University operations, and creates an environment equally supportive of achievements by both men and women

Membership includes:

  • Six members appointed by the President (administration);
  • Six members elected by the faculty;
  • Six members determined by the Staff Advisory Council;
  • Six members appointed by the Creighton Student Union; and
  • Two representatives designated by Alumni Relations.

Ex-officio memberships includes:

  • Associate Vice President for Student Services;
  • Director of Center for Women;
  • Director of Human Resources;
  • Director of Affirmative Action;
  • Director of the James R. Russell Child Development Center;
  • Media Relations Coordinator;
  • Representative from the Staff Mentoring program; and
  • Representative from Public Safety.

Members of the Committee, except for those who serve as ex-officio and students, shall be for a term of three years with the election or appointment at staggered intervals

The Committee meets monthly during the academic year and upon call of the chair. Staff members may contact any committee member. Additional information may be accessed on the AUCSW website.

Wellness Council

The goal of the Wellness Council is to promote wellness at the University through the facilitation of wellness programs and services. The Council membership includes faculty and staff members who promote a healthy workplace by fostering an environment conducive to healthy lifestyle choices. Staff members may contact the Chair or any Council member.