Student Research

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Articles Published in Academic Outlets

Scott Haveman and Dr. Colin O'Reilly (2021) "Tax policy and charitable giving: an evaluation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017 and its impact on charitable contributions." Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, forthcoming.

Molly S. Myers and Dr. Kathleen Sheehan. (2020). "The Impact of Certificate of Need Laws on Emergency Department Wait Times." Journal of Private Enterprise, 35 (1): 59-75.

Dr. James Bailey, Dr. Diana W. Thomas, and Joseph R. Anderson. (2019). "Regressive Effects of Regulation on Wages." Public Choice 180(1/2): 91-103.

Recent IEI White Papers

Noah Schalley, "FDA Efficacy Trials: Where is the Market Failure" - White paper No.20001