Davis Square

Davis Square

Phone: 402-546-6000

Welcome to Davis Square!

Davis is home to apartment living for both juniors and seniors and is located directly north of the Harper Center. The apartment complex is a thriving community with a diverse population of students that creates a welcoming environment for all.

About the Hall:

  • Co-educational, 256 Upperclass students

  • Davis Square Staff: 1 Apartment Coordinator

  • Davis Square's Community Partner:  Together, Inc.

Davis is also home to the famous Davis Diner. Davis Diner is famous for it's excellent food selection and delicious milkshakes. Davis continues to search for different ways to foster community service with the help of their community partner, Together Inc. Davis residents and Together Inc. have a strong relationship that creates lasting volunteer opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Creighton's Apartment Living area. Check out Davis Square on Facebook to learn more about their activities and other events.