Gallagher Hall

Gallagher Hall

Phone: 402-546-6800


Welcome to Gallagher Hall!

Welcome to the “Best Kept Secret On Campus”: Gallagher Hall. While it is one of the smaller halls, Gallagher makes sure their presence is felt throughout campus.

About the Hall:

  • Co-educational, 190 Freshman students

  • Gallagher Hall Staff: 4 Resident Advisors, 1 Asst. Resident Director, 1 Jesuit Chaplain, & 1 Resident Director

  • Gallagher Hall's Community Partner:  The Lakin Center

When Gallagher isn’t participating in friendly competition, residents balance their time building community on their floors, serving in the community, and pursuing their academics. The hall has a ping-pong table that gets plenty of use and a host of movies and games that students can check out at the front desk, free of charge.

Students are often found relaxing in the newly renovated T.V. lounge, studying in their room or in the study lounge, or socializing throughout the entire building. 

Thinking of joining the Gallagher family next year? Take a peak at the Facebook page to get a better picture of what it means to live there!