McGloin Hall

McGloin Hall

Phone: 402-546-6900

Welcome to McGloin Hall!

McGloin is the newest sophomore hall on campus, built in 1998. McGloin is a modern suite-style building. Four people live in a suite with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a "living" room.

About the Hall:

  • Co-educational, 260 Sophomore students

  • McGloin Hall Staff: 9 Resident Advisors, 1 Asst. Resident Director, 1 Jesuit Chaplain, & 1 Resident Director

  • McGloin Hall's Community Partner: Omaha's Habitat for Humanity

  • Home to the Lieben Center for Women

McGloin Perks

McGloin is also home to Java Jay (a modern coffee bistro). McGloin is a great place to live on campus, conveniently located just east of 24th street. You will come to find out that McGloin has many traditions including our popular Acoustic Nights in the fall and spring semesters. McGloin's community partner is Omaha's Habitat for Humanity, where there are many opportunities to participate in community service. Each Spring during Lil' Jays Weekend, the hall opens their doors to host the McGloin Block Party. Whatever the interest or skill, there are many ways to get involved in McGloin's community!