Swanson Hall

Swanson Hall

Phone: 402-546-6500

Welcome to Swanson Hall!

Swanson is located in the heart of campus, connected to Brandeis Dining Hall and just steps away from the Kiewit Fitness Center, St. John's Church, and Reinert Alumni Library. Swanson is home to Freshmen, Sophomores, and the Honors Scholars Community. Swanson is a proud community and supports relationships built within the hall - not to mention Swanson was named Hall of the Year in 2013 and 2014!

About the Hall:

  • Co-educational, 310 Sophomore Students and 140 Freshman Students
  • Swanson Hall Staff:  16 Resident Advisors, 1 Asst. Resident Director, 1 Jesuit Chaplain, & 1 Resident Director.

  • Swanson Hall's Community Partner: The Siena/Francis House

  • Home to the Honors Scholars Community

The Suite Life

Swanson offers a suite-style living environment.  Each four-person suite has two bedrooms and an adjoining bathroom.  There are also kitchenettes and study rooms on each floor, a computer lab, chapel, and two conference rooms for study sessions or student organization meetings. 

Home Sweet Swanson

Swanson's main lobby serves as a living room for the residents. Whether it's a Super Bowl party, ping-pong tournament, or music around the piano, the environment of Swanson is friendly and welcoming. Each floor in Swanson develops a tight-knit bond throughout the year with students coming together for service, intramurals, study, events, and celebration.


Swanson Hall residents have many opportunities to serve Omaha residents including volunteering with Swanson Hall's community partner of nearly 10 years, the Siena/Francis House.  Siena/Francis House is Nebraska's oldest shelter for women, men, and children. In April 2013, the Siena/ Francis House awarded Swanson Hall its "Good Neighbor" for commitment to the care of Omaha's homeless.

Visit Swanson's Facebook page to learn more about what this hall does to help provide its residents with the best "Suite Life" possible!