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        Intellectual Property Policy

        All faculty, staff, students, contractors and others at Creighton must abide by the university's Intellectual Property Policy (4.2.3)

        Disclosure Form

        Creighton University's Invention Disclosure Form creates a record of the invention, including a description of the invention, identification of the inventor(s) involved, the sponsors of the work, public disclosures relating to the invention and other information required to evaluate the patentability of the invention/discovery.  To report your invention/discovery, please print the Invention Disclosure Form and return it to the IRM office.

        Material Transfer Agreement

        The University's Material Transfer Agreement governs the transfer of research-related materials between Creighton and other academic, non-profit institutions, or to those in the commercial sector who will only use the materials for research purposes.

        To request a Material Transfer Agreement, please print and complete the Material Transfer Agreement Request Form.  Return the completed request form with any additional comments to: Stuart Martens, IRM Director.

        Confidentiality Agreement

        All parties who enter into conversation/communication with Creighton University's faculty, staff, or students surrounding intellectual property must sign Creighton University's Confidentiality Agreement. Contact Stuart Martens, IRM-TTO Director, at 402-280-3653, to obtain a confidentiality agreement.

        Licensing Agreement

        The licensing agreement gives businesses certain rights to Creighton technology, so that the technology can be developed for commercialization. The terms of licensing agreements vary significantly depending on the technology, the stage of development, and the market value of the resulting products.

        Intellectual Resource Management