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Health Humanities Lyceum

The most recent health humanities lyceum, which brings together members of the Creighton community around issues relevant to professional and liberal arts education, was a panel and discussion on “Death, Dying and the Body.” Planned as a complement to the annual memorial service for donors who gave their bodies to health sciences education, the event on Monday, April 25, 2022, featured:

Lee Morrow, MD, CMO, LiveOn Nebraska, Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine

Erin Blankenship-Sefczek, PhD, Resident Assistant Professor, Departments of Cultural and Social Studies and Exercise Science and Pre-Health Professions

Chase Miller, M1 medical student

Cassie Papproth, M1 medical student

More than 30 faculty and students attended a lively conversation on what happens to bodies after death, the issues around human dissection in education, and how we talk about bodies in death.

Plans are underway to hold two more lyceum gatherings in the coming year.