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NEH Grant Proposal

With partners from Arizona State University, the Kingfisher Institute submitted a proposal for a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The proposal outlines the project entitled “Humanities and Health Justice Pathways: Forming First-Generation Professionals.”

If funded, the program would create a first-year experience for first-generation undergraduate students to pursue a humanistic path to the health professions. This fills several gaps: engaging first-generation students with high-impact programming that will aid in their retention; extending the spirit of the School of Medicine’s medical humanities curriculum; integrating the humanities with healthcare education at the earliest stages of the student journey; and creating student cohorts in which ASU students are exposed to Creighton’s medical school and students at both campuses share their educational experiences.

In addition to the first-year experience, Creighton and ASU are working together to pilot a clinical humanities internship program as part of the pathway. The internships would integrate clinical experiences for students with critical reflection practices.

News about the grant will come in December 2022.