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Presidential Committees

Driving Creighton Forward

The committees serving the Creighton University community ensure we are embodying our mission and values in the actions we take. Review the committees and their members below.

The Committee on Public Honors and Events shall advise the President concerning major public all-University events, both academic and non-academic.

  • It shall recommend to the President all recipients of special citations and achievement awards.
  • It shall recommend to the President names of appropriate speakers for these special occasions.
  • It shall recommend to the President all recipients of honorary degrees in accord with criteria and procedures established by the University.

The Committee of Public Honors and Events Website


Mardell WilsonUniversity ProvostEx-Officio
Matt GerardVice President for University Relations
Special Assistant to the President
Diane Glow, ChairAssistant Vice President for Alumni Relations and Donor EngagementEx-Officio
Heidi GrunkemeyerVice President for Communications and MarketingEx-Officio
Three Elected Faculty Members: (3-yr. term)
Jennifer TillemanSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2023
Michelle Reilly 8-20-2024
Ivelisse Santiago-StommesCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
One Alumnus/A Appointed By National Alumni Board: (3-yr. term)
Nick Milewski 8-20-2022
Two Staff Members Elected By Staff Advisory Council: (3-yr. term)
Sheri BaconStrategic Sourcing8-20-2022
Two Students: (1-yr. term)
Monica Malloy 8-20-2022
Kate Graham 8-20-2022

The purpose of this committee shall be to conduct hearings on alleged infractions of University rules and to recommend sanctions for individual or group violations after all procedural safeguards as outlined in the Student Handbook are observed.

Tanya Winegard, ChairVice Provost, Division of Student LifeEx-Officio
Three Elected Faculty Members:
Naser AlsharifSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Kevin FujiSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2024
Guy McHendryCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2023
Six Elected Faculty Alternates:
Joely GoodmanCollege of Nursing8-20-2023
Kimberly BegleySchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2024
Carol KnoepflerSchool of Law8-20-2022
Kelly DineenSchool of Law8-20-2023
Gretchen OltmanCollege of Professional and Continuing Education8-20-2024
Catherine OpereSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Three Students Elected By Creighton Students Union: (1-yr. term)
(one graduate or professional, one male undergraduate, one female undergraduate)
Siasha RamirezSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Peter DaoodHeider College of Business8-20-2022
Morgan SorrellCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
Six Alternate Students Elected By Creighton Students Union: 
(two graduate or professional, two male undergraduate, two female undergraduate)
Denae ReevesCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
Kaiti ReidSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Alessandro StancoHeider College of Business8-20-2022
Luke KlahsHeider College of Business8-20-2022
Madeline SmithSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Cecillia MohacsiCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022

The Committee on Student Life Policy shall be responsible for formulating policy as it relates to all aspects of student life not otherwise delegated.  It serves in an advisory capacity to the President through the office of Vice President for Student Services on all-University regulations as specified in the Student Handbook and makes terminal decisions on all other matters of student life policy.

Committee MembersTITLETerm Expiration
Tanya Winegard, ChairVice Provost, Division of Student LifeEx-Officio
Two Student Services Staff Members Appointed By VP For Student Life:
Lucas NovotnyResidence LifeIndefinite
Desiree Nownes Office of Student DevelopmentIndefinite
Three Elected Faculty Members: (3-yr. term)

Lori Rusch

College of Nursing8-20-2023
Beth FlottCollege of Nursing8-20-2022
Jennifer JessenCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2024
One Alumnus/a Recommended By National Alumni Board: (2-yr. term)

David Black

Seven Students Elected By Creighton Students Union: (1-yr. term)
Henry GlynnCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
Mary Grace KennySchool of Medicine8-20-2022
Alyssa GoodmanSchool of Medicine8-20-2022
Joe ThibodeauHeider College of Business8-20-2022
Frankie Pastor-RiveraCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
Sydney ComstockCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
Sunny WashingtonHeider College of Business8-20-2022
Two Alternate Students Elected By Creighton Students Union:

The committee examines and evaluates the University’s existing policies, processes, and programming to address the issue of sexual misconduct, as well as assess campus and local resources for victims, and to send a summary and recommendations to the president and his cabinet. The committee will consider the Catholic and Jesuit mission and identity of the University, best practices of Title IX and the Campus SaVE Act, institutional peer review, and if deemed necessary, external consultation. 

Membership consists of faculty, staff, and students who offer broad campus representation as well as interest, experience, and expertise in related issues. Additionally, campus personnel working in associated areas will be available to serve as resources for the committee.


  • Catherine Todero – College of Nursing, Dean
  • David Weber – School of Law, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs


  • Eileen Burke-Sullivan – Vice Provost, Mission and Ministry, Associate Professor of Theology
  • Susan Calef – College of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor, Department of Theology, and Director, Women’s and Gender Studies
  • Barbara Harris – College of Arts & Sciences, Program Director, Department of Social Work
  • Erika Kirby – College of Arts & Sciences, Professor, Department of Communication Studies, and Faculty Council
  • Matthew Seevers – Heider College of Business, Chair, Department of Marketing and Management
  • Peter Stone – College of Arts & Sciences, Instructor, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
  • Lt. Col. Jared Sutton – Creighton Army ROTC, Professor of Military Science


  • Shawn Cook – School of Pharmacy & Health Professions, Director of Student Affairs
  • Michael Kavan – School of Medicine, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • Brandy Menaugh – Division of Athletics, Associate Director for Compliance
  • Rebecca Murray – College of Arts & Sciences, Associate Dean for Social and Applied Sciences
  • Michael Reiner – Public Safety, Chief
  • Nancy Schrage – Human Resources, Senior Human Resource Generalist
  • Fallon Watts – Interdisciplinary EdD Program, Graduate School, Staff Advisory Council


  • Rachel Marie Lee – School of Law, Third Year
  • Meg Maynard – College of Arts and Sciences, Senior
  • Nina Noronha – College of Arts and Sciences, Junior
  • Ed Nuñez – College of Arts and Sciences, Junior
  • Heather Thorson – School of Dentistry, Third Year
  • Matthew Tolliver – College of Nursing, Sophomore
  • Dhruti Tummalapalli – College of Arts and Sciences, Junior, and Executive Vice President, Creighton Students Union

The University Committee on the Status of Women shall assure that equal consideration be given to women in all phases of University operation, and shall create an environment equally supportive of achievement by both men and women.  It shall endeavor to ensure full participation and encouragement of contributions from women in pursuing the overall goals of the University.

Committee On The Status Of Women Website (with list of members)

The University Staff Advisory Council shall advise the President in matters affecting the general welfare and working conditions of all members of the support staff. The Council shall serve as a channel for better communication between the staff and the administration.

Staff Advisory Council Website (with list of members)

The Partners in Mission Committee provides university-wide leadership to enculturate and promote the Catholic-Jesuit Mission at Creighton University among faculty.  This committee was created to implement the “Resolution on the Catholic-Jesuit Mission of Creighton University” that was unanimously approved by the Academic Council on October 25, 2007.

The President appoints a Steering Committee composed of at least one Jesuit and three to five faculty members to lead the Partners in Mission Committee.  The Steering Committee facilitates dialogue and collaboration on mission-based activities among the representatives from the School and Colleges.  The President directs the Steering Committee to oversee tri-annual assessment of implementation of the Catholic-Jesuit Mission Resolution in each School and College.  The Steering Committee acts on behalf of the University Assessment Committee and submits an executive summary with recommendations of the University Assessment Committee and the President.  

The President directs each dean to appoint a committee of three to five faculty members to advise the dean on the implementation of the Catholic-Jesuit Resolution within their respective School and College.  These committees constitute the membership of Partners in Mission.  

Committee MembersTITLETerm Expiration
Eileen Burke-SullivanVice Provost, Mission and MinistryEx-Officio
Paul McGrealSchool of LawEx-Officio
College of Nursing:
Maribeth Hercinger 
Lisa Johnson
Ann Laughlin
Nancy Shirley
Jenna Woster
Maribeth Hercinger 
Lisa Johnson
Ann Laughlin
Nancy Shirley
Jenna Woster
Graduate School:

Mary Lee Brock 
William Leggio 
Jennifer Moss Breen
Jeff Smith
Patrick Swanson

Heider College of Business:

Charlie Braymen 
Natalie Gerhart
Andy Gustafson
Stacy Menzel-Baker
Sijing Wei

School of Dentistry:
Tim Durham
Kelly Gould
Mark Markham
Colette O’Meara McKinney
John Purk
School of Law:
Craig Dallon
Rachel Goedken
Catherine Mahern
Steve Sieberson
David Weber
School of Medicine:
Carol Lomneth
Paul Milner
Anna Selmecki
Holly Stessman
Stephanie Vandermullen
College of Arts & Sciences:
Ashley Hall
Alicia Klanecky
Patrick Roddy
Mary Ann Vinton
Carol Zuegner
School of Pharmacy & Health Professions:
Shirley Blanchard
Mike Monaghan
Angela Patterson
Kirk Peck
Mark Siracuse


The Americans with Disabilities Act Committee shall advise and serve as a resource to the University community on accessibility issues affecting University students, faculty, employees and visitors in the following areas:  employment, academic and public programs, facilities, and transportation and telecommunications.

Americans With Disabilities Act Committee Website

Committee MembersTitle, AreaTerm Expiration
Derek Scott, ChairAssistant Vice President, Facilities ManagementEx-Officio
Judi SzatkoAssociate Vice President, Human ResourcesEx-Officio
Allison TaylorExec. Director, Office of Title IX and Civil Rights ComplianceEx-Officio
Jim JansenGeneral CounselEx-Officio
Sarah WalkerVice President, Division of Equity, Diversity, and InclusionEx-Officio
Appointed by the President:
Kathleen FleckyHealth Sciences8-20-2021
One Administrative Representative From Each Vice Presidential Area:
Joe EcklundOffice of the Provost8-20-2023
Jake LansmanPublic Safety8-20-2023
VacantDivision of Information Technology8-20-2022
Robert JohnsonDivision of Student Life8-20-2022
Kathy MartinUniversity Ministry8-20-2022
Terri KilgarinUniversity Relations8-20-2022
Sonja Owen-WegnerFinance8-20-2022
Three Elected Faculty Members:
Kelly DineenSchool of Law8-20-2023
Candace BloomquistGraduate School8-20-2022
Jacque MillerCollege of Nursing8-20-2021
One Staff Member Elected by Staff Advisory Council:
Alexander Hall 8-20-2021
One Faculty Member from Occupational Therapy
Andrea ThinnesSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Two Student Elected by Creighton Students Union:

Erin Whiteford

Graduate School8-20-2021

Pamela Letourneau Fallon

College of Arts & Sciences 8-20-2021

To review at least annually the current master plan of the University with the official Campus Planner and formulate updated plans based upon the changing reality of faculty, staff, and student needs and the resulting demands for additional office, parking, and recreation space.

To relate facility usage and campus development to the priorities of academic planning.

To plan for the most economical use of capital resources as they become available for physical improvements.

To assure that the placement of facilities is aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.

To review specific proposals for new facilities or major additions to or renovations of any of the University's facilities as proposed from time to time to the Chair of the Campus Planning Committee, such proposals, if approved, to be referred to the President for final decision.

To serve as individuals on such subcommittees as are appointed by the Chair for planning specific improvements.

Director of Budget, Planning & Analysis

Committee MembersTitle Term Expiration
Derek Scott, ChairAssociate Vice President, Facilities ManagementEx-Officio
Vice Presidential Representatives:
Mike ReinerPublic Safety 
Tara McGuireDivision of Finance 
Shawn CookStudent Life in Health Services 
David RamcharanDivision of Information Technology 
Chase BeckerMission and Ministry 
Tanya WinegardDivision of Student Life 
Rob JohnsonDivision of Student Life 
Sarah RichardsonEnrollment Management 
Judy PritzaHuman Resources 
Steve BraceAthletics 
René PadillaGlobal Engagement Office 
Three Elected Faculty Members: (3-yr. term)
Estella DavisSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Mary Ann DanielsonCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2023
Thomas Simmonds, SJCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2024
Two Staff Members Elected By Staff Advisory Council: (3-yr. term)
(One from west campus, one from east campus)
Brandon McCarville Athletics 8-20-2024
Joann CrinklawSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Two Students Elected By Creighton Students Union  (one undergraduate, one professional):  
Nick Mathy School of Medicine8-20-2022
Devyn JustCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
One Alumnus Recommended By National Alumni Board:
Paul LaFave, BSBA'87 8-20-2023
Tim HollandHolland Basham Architects 

The committee shall assist the President in reviewing the annual financial expenditures of the University, particularly as these expenditures touch on the academic programs of the various Schools and Colleges.  While the total budget and capital expenditures of the University are the responsibility of the President and the financial officers, under the Board of Directors, it is the function of this committee to offer information, suggestions, views, and comments on policy, which will ensure input from the academic community into the annual budget expenditures.

The committee shall offer to the President, at least once a year, suggestions leading to additional sources of income as well as increases in the regular sources of income to the University.

Committee MembersTitle Term Expiration
John Jesse, III, ChairAssociate Vice President, Division of FinanceChair
Rev. Nicholas Santos, SJRector, Jesuit CommunityEx-Officio
Four Elected Faculty Members: (3-yr. term)
Charles BraymenHeider College of Business8-20-2022
Julie PetersonSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Robert Whipple, Jr.College of Arts & Sciences8-20-2023
Melissa Woodley    8-20-2024
Three Students Elected By Creighton Students Union:
Dallys Medali 8-20-2022
Kelsey Dempsey 8-20-2022
Maggie Harens 8-20-2022
One Alumnus/a: (3-yr. term)
Scott LeinenRBC Wealth Management8-20-2024
One Staff Member Elected By Staff Advisory Council: (3-yr. term)
Caroline NubelSchool of Medicine


The University Athletic Board is responsible for formulating and recommending policy relating to intercollegiate athletics.

The University Athletic Board will serve in an advisory capacity to the President through the Vice President for Student Services.

Committee MembersTitleTerm Expiration
Tanya WinegardVice Provost, Division Student LifeEx-Officio
Marcus Blossom Senior Woman Administrator (non-voting)Ex-Officio
Lisa ChippsDirector, Athletics (non-voting)Ex-Officio
Neil Norton, Chair Associate Dean, Admissions & Student Affairs;
School of Dentistry
Faculty member appointed by President
Eight Elected Faculty Members: (3-yr. term)
Barron BrelandCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2023
Mark ReedyCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2024
Mikayla Spangler

School of Pharmacy & Health Professions

James BrambleSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Sherri BrownHeider College of Business8-20-2024

Lori Rusch

College of Nursing8-20-2023
Mary Ann DanielsonCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
Cory GuentherCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2023
Three Students: (1-yr. term)
Sabrina MoralesCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
Karlee CurtisCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022
Alex AlveroSchool of Medicine8-20-2022
President or Designee of the Jaybackers:
Tom Kelley (ex-officio voting) Ex-Officio
Representative of the  Student-Athlete Advisory Committee:

Rachael Saunders


Bryce Shirley

Two Alumni Members Appointed By National Alumni Board: (2-yr. term)
Taylor Stormberg  8-20-2022
Teri Oltmans Miller, RPh, BSPHA ‘96 8-20-2023

The primary purpose of this committee is to plan and coordinate a program of lectures, films, and concerts for the cultural enrichment of the University community.  Additionally, the committee, in cooperation with designated members of the University, implements the guest speaker policies stated in the Student Handbook and Guide to Policies of Creighton University.

Committee On Lectures, Films & Concerts Website

Committee MembersTitleTerm Expiration
Four Elected Faculty Members:
Jessica NiskiSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Jacob SiedlikCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2023
Kim BegleySchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2021
Irina FoxSchool of Law8-20-2021
Administrators Appointed By President:
Katie Kelsey, ChairDirector, Student Leadership & Involvement Center8-20-2023
P. Frederick HannaCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2021
Four Students Elected By Creighton Students Union:
Sophie GreenHeider College of Business8-20-2021
Bradley PfeiferSchool of Medicine8-20-2021
Nathan SchumacherHeider College of Business8-20-2021
Kate DugganHeider College of Business8-20-2021
Student Alternate:
One Alumnus/A Recommended By National Alumni Board:

Laura Swedean Spaulding, BA '06, MBA '10


The University Committee on Benefits acts as an advisory committee to the President regarding the benefits offered by the University.

The Committee is comprised of eleven members. Five faculty members are elected by the Academic Council. The Staff Advisory Council recommends four non-exempt staff members to the President for appointment. In addition, a faculty member with academic expertise in matters covered by the committee and an exempt staff member are appointed by the President. The University Human Resources Director or a delegate serves as ex-officio member. Each member is appointed for a three-year term at staggered intervals. To bring a concern to the Committee, contact a Committee member.

Committee MembersTitleTerm Expiration
Judi SzatkoAssociate Vice President, Human ResourcesEx-Officio
One Staff Member Representing Levels A-D, Appointed by President:
Katie Booton, ChairRisk Manager, Risk Management 
Four Staff Members Elected By Staff Advisory Council, Representing Different Areas of the University: (3-yr. term)
Doug DemanRecreation and Wellness8-20-2023
Mary DudaEnvironmental Health & Safety8-20-2024
Felicia HalseySchool of Dentistry8-20-2023
Lanny WarrenSchool of Dentistry8-20-2023
Five Elected Faculty Members: (3-yr. term)

Susan Calef

College of Arts & Sciences8-20-2022

Erika Moreno 

College of Arts & Sciences8-20-2024

Somnath Singh

School of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2023

Jennifer Furze

School of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
Patricia Soto BecerraCollege of Arts & Sciences8-20-2024
One Faculty Member With Academic Expertise Appointed by President:
Nicole WhiteSchool of Pharmacy & Health Professions8-20-2022
One Member Designated by the Graybackers: (Elections Held in October)
Rollie Hughes 8-20-2023

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) is designed to foster communication between all colleges, schools, and divisions that facilitate and assess student learning.  Committee members are nominated by their schools, colleges or divisions and appointed by the President.  The UAC works to promote an integrated culture of assessment consistent with the Creighton mission. The committee is charged to coordinate assessment at the University level; represent all academic and co-curricular areas in articulating an integrative assessment program and provide feedback and assistance to programs, colleges and schools to advance efforts to enhance University support for assessment.

The University Assessment Committee website (with list of members)