Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Creighton University have a Center for Women?
The Eileen B. Lieben Center for Women at Creighton University was established in the Fall of 1998 by students, faculty, and staff to respond to issues impacting women students at Creighton University. While the Center is student-centered, it is a welcoming space for all members of the Creighton community and aims to improve the quality of life on campus through programming, leadership initiatives, and by providing various resources for all Creighton women's organizations.

What does the Lieben Center do?
The Lieben Center is a primary reference point for students and provides programming around women and gender issues.  If you have a question about women and gender issues, women's health, women's leadership, or other related topics, the Lieben Center is the go-to place for those questions.  If the answer is not on our website, please call or email us and we'll help you! 

Where is the Lieben Center?
The Eileen B. Lieben Center for Women is located on the lower level of McGloin Hall next to the Java Jay.

Why isn't there a center for men?
The Eileen B. Lieben Center for Women was established by Creighton students, faculty, and staff who felt that it could address the needs of women which were not being met by the University.

A large body of research exists which clearly documents gender-based discrimination against women. Traditionally, American history and world history have focused primarily on the achievements and contributions of men, and have largely excluded women. In essence, social, educational, political, and religious institutions have served as men's centers.

Are men allowed in the Lieben Center?
Everyone is welcome in the Women's Center. Men, as well as women, may utilize the resources and services, participate in programs, group activities, and meetings, and support our efforts. We welcome those men who are interested in advocating for the support and empowerment of women.

Who is Eileen B. Lieben?
Visit the Her Story section of our web site to learn about Eileen B. Lieben.

How can I get involved with the Lieben Center?
There are plenty of ways to get involved with the Center for Women. For one, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for which you can offer your time and talents to the Center for Women. Volunteers can plan a program, create publicity and marketing materials, update and organize records, or anything else that sparks your interest so long as it supports and empowers women. Also, any student who has a passion for women's empowerment and would like to help to make decisions regarding the functioning of the Center for Women can join the Advisory Board for the Eileen B. Lieben Center for Women. There are also many student groups and organizations that collaborate with the Center for Women that would gladly welcome new members.