The Lieben Center for Women is dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of women at Creighton. As a student-centered space, we promote and advocate for gender equity on campus and in the community through programs and resources and create a space for all women and their allies to achieve individual and social change.


We aspire to be an accessible resource for the Creighton community and empower women to recognize their gifts and talents, value who they are, and achieve their personal and professional potential.


  • To engage in dialogue about women and gender within Creighton and the larger community while encouraging students to view the world through a critical lens
  • To educate the Creighton community on topics centered around women; tocultivate discernible skills,to develop students as agents of change;andtoprovide experiential opportunities to practice these skill
  • To develop women's leadership skills; support and facilitate opportunities for exploration of personal and professional development; and provide a variety of programsand resources