Women of Color

Women's Journey

Women's Journey is a community of women of color at Creighton who meet monthly to discuss issues that impact them.  The group was formed because research reveals that on predominantly White college campuses women of color have been found to have feelings of loneliness and isolation, fears relating to competence, concerns about dating, and feelings of inadequacy about appearance.  

Women's Journey provides a framework for young women of color to increase their understanding and appreciation of the how culture, the American society, and family has a significant psychological and physiological impact on their lives. The group exists to equip them with psychological tools to meet and arrest the fears that come from living under multiple oppressions. Along with guests such as women of color from the community, the group also encourages the use of online readings and reflections (journaling). Women's Journey is sponsored by the Creighton Intercultural Center.

For more information please visit the Office of Multicultural Affairs website