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Research Departments & Faculty

Every day, discoveries are being made in the basic and clinical sciences. Creighton University researchers are part of this exciting force, contributing to breakthroughs in multiple disciplines and ultimately adding to our collective knowledge of chemistry, biology, and the human organism.

As Creighton University School of Medicine students, you have an opportunity to work with these leaders and make your own contribution. If you are interested in exploring the different academic research departments or filtering through a list of faculty and clinicians involved in research, please click below for more information.


Basic Research

Creighton basic science researchers work in four departments: biomedical sciences, medical microbiology and immunology, pharmacology and pathology. Creighton researchers are making discoveries in atherosclerosis, bacterial resistance, cancer, hearing restoration, brain injury, and bone growth and loss. Please visit the departments by clicking below to learn more about the faculty working on the forefronts of their respective fields and the projects contributing to our understanding of the world around us.

Clinical Research

Creighton faculty, fellows, residents and students are conducting research in various fields of medicine. From case studies to clinical trials, there are many opportunities to contribute to ongoing clinical research or to pursue a novel research idea. The Department of Clinical Research and Public Health, led by Dr. Maureen Tierney, is dedicated to providing all learners and faculty with the resources and guidance necessary to develop a research topic from an idea to publication. The Department of Clinical Research and Public Health also provides information on completing CITI training and IRB submission. If you are in need of direction to begin, organize, analyze, fund, or present your research, please visit the link below to learn more about how staff is available to assist your research efforts.


Creighton University basic science faculty and clinical physicians are working with medical and graduate science students to advance knowledge in various scientific domains. If you are interested in working with a Creighton researcher, please visit the link below.

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