Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP Chapter 32)


The Veterans Educational Assistance Program (VEAP), also known as Chapter 32, is available to you if you elected to make contributions from your military pay to participate in this program. The government matches your contributions on a $2-for-$1 basis.

The Office of Military and Veterans Affairs will make it as smooth as possible for you to use your VEAP benefits to pursue a degree or certificate at Creighton.

Before you can receive your benefits for use at Creighton, you must:

Submit your application for admission and be accepted to Creighton

Apply for VA educational benefits

 Provide your Certificate of Eligibility (approval of benefits statement from the VA) and a Creighton Information Form to the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs

 Enroll and register for classes at Creighton University

Certification Process

After the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs has received your Certificate of Eligibility and Information Form and you’ve registered for classes, we will certify your enrollment with the VA. At the end of each month, you must verify your enrollment with the VA via the WAVE system. Your enrollment verification as well as Creighton’s certification triggers the VA to begin processing your applicable benefits. Your monthly benefit is paid directly to you, not to the university.  

As long as you remain continuously enrolled for subsequent semesters, we will certify your enrollment with the VA. This will be automatic unless you inform us that you do not wish to be certified for a particular course, term, and/or semester.     

Benefit entitlement is 1 to 36 months, depending on the number of monthly contributions you made. You have 10 years from your release from active duty to use your VEAP benefits. After 10 years, any remaining entitlement will be refunded to you.

Find out More

If you have questions or concerns about using your benefits at Creighton, please email Jennifer Austin, program coordinator in the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs, or call her at 402.280.4910.

For specific questions about this program, please explore the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.