TheoloJay on Tap (TJoT) is a meeting place where topics of theology are presented and discussed in a casual atmosphere with friends. 

TJoT provides a space for students, particularly those young adults in Creighton's graduate or professional schools, to build community and learn and reflect through challenging and enriching conversations on topics of faith in the world today.

Think about it this way: learning and talking about faith with a beer and friends! 

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You must be 21 years of age to attend.

Past Events:


  • 04/01/19 — "Forgiveness and Reconciliation" with Dr. Tom Kelly
  • 02/07/19 — "What is Love?" with Dr. Eileen Burke-Sullivan, Fr. Michael Flecky, SJ, Kathy Martin, and Ben Feiten
  • 11/28/18 — "Mindfulness" with Dr. Barb Harris
  • 10/29/18 — "Friendship" with Fr. Larry Gillick, SJ, and Fr. Greg Carlson, SJ


  • 04/09/18 — "Living Out Faith in Your Everyday Profession" with Dr. Faith Kurtyka, LaRue Diehl, Beth Katz, and Dr. Amy McGaha
  • 02/12/18 — "The Lenten Journey" with Fr. Larry Gillick, SJ
  • 11/28/17 — "Gifts and Gratitude" with Dr. Eileen Burke-Sullivan
  • 10/03/17 — "Climate Change and Catholic Social Teaching" with Dr. Dan DiLeo


  • 03/16/17 — "The Lenten Journey: Engaging in the Lenten Sunday Readings" with Ryan Birjoo
  • 01/26/17 — "God in All Things" with Dr. Wendy Wright and Dr. John O'Keefe
  • 12/01/16 — "The Misinterpreted Symbols of Christmas and Advent" with Fr. Larry Gillick, SJ
  • 11/10/16 — "Mindfulness and Self-Care" with Dr. Barb Harris


  • 04/07/16 — "Living Easter: Jesus is Risen, Now What?" with Fr. Andy Alexander, SJ
  • 01/28/16 — "Rest Stop Ahead: Faith in the Midst of Busyness" with Susan Naatz, Associate Vice Provost of the Division of Mission and Ministry, and Fr. Larry Gillick, SJ
  • 09/23/15 — "Transition: An Invitation to Transformation" with Fr. Daniel Hendrickson, SJ


  • 04/09/15 — "Daily Acts of Choosing Your Faith" with Dr. Faith Kurtyka, Associate Professor of English, and LaRue Diehl
  • 02/12/15 — "Theology of Vocation: Be Not Afraid" with Kate Samson, Director of Catholic Magis Teacher Corp, and Fr. Paddy Gilger, SJ
  • 11/20/14 — "Theology of Friendship" with Fr. Larry Gilick, SJ, and Fr. Greg Carlson, SJ

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