Retreat Center

Isaac Jogues Lodge

Jogues Lodges offers space for up to 70 in sleeping bags. There are 3 sections; the large middle section includes family style tables & a kitchen.  The north & south ends have fireplaces and are set up with a relaxed atmosphere.  There are doors between that can be pulled closed to offer 3 separate meeting spaces or breakout areas. There are bathrooms in two areas, one that includes 2 shower stalls.

This building was built in 1948 by the Boy Scouts of America and was updated summer 2015.


A pergola has been added.

         The porch has been brought back to life!

A time the group brought in tents too.

These tables can seat 80 guests.

Long serving bar with storage.

Remodeled kitchen.

North end living area of the Lodge.

South end living area of the Lodge.

Yes, two fireplaces!! 

 There is a $25 use charge per reservation.