St. John's Parish Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council Mission Statement

The Saint John's Parish Pastoral Council is active in God's work by encouraging lay participation and leadership as a Jesuit Parish.

Purpose of St. John's Parish Pastoral Council

As a body of representatives of the people of God in this parish community, the Parish Pastoral Council seeks:

  • To foster the unity of the parish;
  • To assess adequately, under the leadership of the pastor and the needs of the whole parish and its individual members, to develop and implement a unified program of renewal which promotes the common good of the parish;
  • To coordinate all parish activities in a manner that will best serve the interests of the parish, the student population, and the community as a whole;
  • To associate the clergy and laity more closely in the saving mission of Christ.

                          From St. John's Parish Pastoral Council Constitution 

Fr. Greg Carlson, S.J.




Rick Bellino

Michelle King



TBD in August

Council Members  

Beginning in August
Sandi Cihal

Lorraine Conway

Beginning in August
Michael Hoover

Martha Lemar

Sean Malloy

Bill Mullen

Jane O'Brien

Helen Wanken






Tom Purcell

Creighton Student Representatives  2015-16