Rev. Michael G. Morrison, SJ

In Memoriam: Rev. Michael G. Morrison, SJ

Why an endowed gift?

Endowed funds support programs in perpetuity. This fund will honor Fr. Morrison while supporting Creighton's mission of Ignatian values.


Donations in memory of the Rev. Michael G. Morrison, SJ, are being accepted to either Creighton Student Life and community experience or the Rev. Michael G. Morrison, SJ, Endowed Scholarship Fund.

The Rev. Michael G. Morrison, SJ, Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in June 2000 by the Creighton University Board of Trustees. The endowed fund was created to assist students who demonstrate the need for financial aid with a preference to Native American Students who are graduates of the Red Cloud Indian School in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, or to Native American students who are members of a federally recognized tribe.

Longest-Serving President Energized by Students

Every day was a “great day for Creighton University” according to the Rev. Michael G. Morrison, SJ, former president of Creighton University who died Thursday, May 24, 2018, at St. Camillus in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, at the age of 81.

Fr. Morrison was the longest-serving president in Creighton University’s 140-year history, presiding over the University for 19 years, from 1981 to 2000. At the time of his retirement, it was estimated he had signed nearly 45 percent of all diplomas issued by Creighton.

Fr. Morrison – known affectionately by many as “Father Mike” – had many accomplishments as president, but he was perhaps most well-known by students for his openness and accessibility. He will be remembered for the time he spent sitting atop the low stone wall outside St. John’s Church, chatting with students as they passed by. On cold days, he would bundle up in a parka, and on hot days, he might retreat to the shade and don a Creighton baseball cap.

“That’s the kind of motto I like: Good kids getting better.”

Fr. Morrison said it was the students who energized him and kept him going.

“My greatest joy in 19 years has been the students, the ones I love to call kids,” he said after announcing his retirement, “They are such a joy. They are bright; they are enthusiastic; they are hard-working; they are just good kids.”

He would often tell the story of a western Nebraska rancher, who told him of the tremendous experience his two daughters had as students at Creighton.

“I told him, ‘Well, we get good kids,’” Fr. Morrison recalled. “He said, ‘Yes, but you make them better.’

“That’s the kind of motto I like: Good kids getting better.”

He reiterated that same theme when asked to reflect on his presidential legacy.

“I want it known that I had a part in taking good kids and giving them a great education.”

Fr. Michael G. Morrison, SJ, Memorial Homily by Creighton President Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ.

A special liturgy of gratitude for the life of the Rev. Michael G. Morrison, SJ, was celebrated with a Mass at St. John’s Church on Sept. 15, 2018. Hear the homily given by Creighton President the Rev. Daniel S. Hendrickson, SJ.