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2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Awardees

Apr 8, 2022
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The Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) is proud to announce this year’s recipients of the Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Fellowship (SURF) Awards.

CCAS Honors Program Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow

  • Henry Glynn, Laudato Sí and American Catholic Sustainability: A Path Forward
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniel DiLeo

Department of History Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow

  • Nina Crabtree, Drawing from Memory: Children’s Art and Trauma of the Spanish Civil War
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Scott Eastman

CCAS Dean’s Summer Undergraduate Research Scholars

  • John Bell, "Let's talk about Sex": Exploring the History and Outrage of Sex Education in Omaha Public Schools from 1940 to Now
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Britta McEwen
  • Caroline Colburn, I Will Not Make Myself Small-A Creative Analysis of Body Image and the Female Distance Runner
    • Mentor: Amy Nelson, MFA
  • Sofia Deatherage, Memorable Cultural Messages: Mental Health Attitudes and Messages from an Ethnic and Cultural Lens using Psychology and Communication Studies Theories
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amanda Holman
  • Amelia Harahap, June Susanto-Jones Buries Boys' Bones
    • Mentor: Dr. Lydia Cooper
  • Jon Herrington, Liturgical Time and Being-Towards-Death: An Exploration
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Josef Raoul Rodriguez
  • Alyssa Larson, John Milton Lost: A Psychoanalytic and Biographical Reading of Paradise Lost
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Fidel Fajardo-Acosta
  • Hannah Munz, Sonic Omaha: Visualizing Music from America’s Middle
    • Faculty Mentor: Rachel Mindrup, MFA
  • Sarah Noone, Pretrial and Postconviction Mandated Substance Treatment: Predicting Noncompletion in Federal Offenders
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Huss
  • Jack Ossello, These Our Homes: An Examination of House versus Home in 21st Century Nebraska
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Surbhi Malik
  • Joey Rougas, Proposal to Fund Creative Nonfiction Essay "Soap"
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thomas Moody
  • Baylee Smith, WPA Sites and Tours: A 21st-Century (Re)envisioning of the Nebraska Landscape
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matt Averett
  • Gabby Tremblay, A Domestic Abuse Paradox: The Catholic Church as Cause and Solution
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susan Calef

Dr. and Mrs. Randolph Ferlic Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows

  • David Amorim Caldas, Klotho in the Subventricular Neurogenic Niche: A War Against Time
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gwen King
  • Abbi Bercich, Slip kinematics and neuromuscular function across the age span: a pilot study
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kelley Hammond
  • Abby Braden, Two-legged hopping versus four-legged running: Does locomotor style affect fluctuating asymmetry in the limb bones of kangaroo rats and pocket gophers?
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gabriel Rivera
  • Jack Diers, Hair Cell Regeneration by Epigenetic Regulator Lsd1
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jian Zuo
  • Patrick Herchenbach, Optimization of Portable Electrochemiluminescent Detection System with Mobile Phones and 3D Printed Materials
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Erin Gross
  • Amy Huang, Testing an escape from adaptive conflict model for the evolution of modern human salivary and pancreatic a-amylase genes
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Soochin Cho
  • Jayce Hughes, Nanoparticle-Mediated Radiotherapy
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Andrew Ekpenyong
  • Collin Jackson, Investigating the Mechanistic Role of Long Non-coding RNA expression in Ototoxicity
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Annemarie Shibata
  • Alex Payne, Investigations of Aqueous Reaction Dynamics of Aluminum Anderson-type Polyoxometalates in Solution
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eric Villa
  • Elyssa Pereyra, Role of Glucocorticoid Signaling in Ribbon Synapse Degeneration and Repair After Cochlear Excitotoxicity
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tejbeer Kaur
  • Ramya Rengarajan, Do I know you? Testing whether familiar pathogens have fewer reproductive impacts than novel pathogens
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amy Worthington
  • John Rogers, Characterizing the Reinforcing Effects of Remifentanil/Ketamine Mixtures using an Intravenous Drug Self-Administration Procedure in Rats
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Vanessa Minervini
  • Siobhan Stoll, Characterizing the Dynamics of Lakes in the Nebraska Sandhills
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Ann Vinton
  • Davis Thalhuber, The Effect of Lipid Membrane Composition on Prion Protein Behavior
    • Faculty Mentor: Patricia Soto

CURAS Director’s Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows

  • Durbin, Darby, Evaluation of associated rewarding effects of 6a10a-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) through vaporization conditioning in male and female rats
    • Faculty Mentor: Dustin Stairs
  • David Harris, Investigating the adaptive benefit of high salivary a-amylase expression in humans
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Soochin Cho
  • Ally Larsen, CA3-CA1 Neuron Firing Cohesion and Hyperexcitability
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tim Simeone
  • Jennifer Omann, Flower Evolution in Nymphaeaceae (Water Lilies)
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mackenzie Taylor
  • Jack Rausch, Asymptotic Continuity of a One-Way Information Measure
    • Faculty Mentor: Dr. Randy Crist

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