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Cahill Award Celebrates the Above and Beyonders

Sep 30, 2021
5 min Read
Cahill Award

HCB Renovations and COVID-19 Response Garners Well-Deserved Recognition For Anthony Hendrickson, PhD, Dean of the Heider College of Business

Named for the Rev. Neil Cahill, SJ, longtime Creighton University Jesuit, educator, fraternity chaplain, student counselor, Heider College of Business historian and all-around character, the Cahill Award for Excellence recognizes outstanding efforts – committee service, curriculum development, student advising – of HCB faculty and staff during the academic year.

As the college’s dean, Anthony Hendrickson, PhD, typically bestows this honor on deserving faculty and staff. But this year, the tables were turned. The unsuspecting honoree was lured to a “staff meeting” under the guise of college business when Todd Darnold, PhD, associate dean for graduate programs, presented him with the award.

Hendrickson was recognized for his role in the latest Heider College of Business $25 million upgrade as part of the Mike and Josie Harper Center renovations. Anyone who has lived through a remodel knows the stress associated with improvements of this scale. That they occurred during a global pandemic just makes the project all the more massive. 

“Dean Hendrickson has worked tirelessly over the last several years to make our newly renovated home a reality. His hard work on this project cannot be overstated and should never be forgotten,” says Darnold.

Hendrickson also earned the Cahill Award for maintaining academic cohesiveness during the pandemic, an unprecedented time in the college’s history. He led when classes pivoted from in-person to online in a two-week period during COVID-19’s early days. He oversaw the successful return to the classroom in fall 2020 when other universities’ physical doors remained closed. He kept those classrooms opened through the entire academic year while supporting COVID protocols that would ultimately see 100% (with medical exemption) of the school’s population vaccinated. 

And while this was playing out – noisily and persistently – in the background, the college managed to enroll its second-largest class to date with 304 students. Only one other class has exceeded 300 in HCB history.

This is Hendrickson’s second Cahill Award. His first was in 2014 when the Heider College of Business became the first named college at Creighton. 

The Cahill Award has existed since 2008, and honors are bestowed annually at the last faculty meeting of the academic year. COVID delayed last year’s recognitions. So, congratulations to the 2020 and 2021 Cahill Award winners.

2020 Winners
Terrence M. Begley, MBA, MCSE
Kristie N. Briggs, PhD
Doris J. Copeland
Todd C. Darnold, PhD
Dan Feldhacker, BS
Colleen Hendrick
Robert R. Johnson, PhD
Catherine F. Kelly, BA
Richard J. McCormick, BA
Desarae Mueller-Fichepain, DBA
Eric J. Neuman, PhD 
Nalini Prabagaran, PhD
Thomas J. Purcell, III JD, PhD, CPA
Matthew T. Seevers, PhD
Kayla Snow, BA, MA
Laura M. Walker, BA, MS
Angela C. Wayman, BS
Deborah L. Wells, PhD

2021 Winners
Timothy Bastian, MS, MA
Kristie N. Briggs, PhD
Todd C. Darnold, PhD
Lee M. Dunham, PhD, CFA (2 awards)
Colleen Hendrick
Anthony R. Hendrickson, PhD
Rose H. Jarmon, MBA
Margaret Knight, CPA, CGMA, DBA
Donald Lux, DBA
Timothy P. McMahon, PhD
Thomas J. Purcell, III, JD, PhD, CPA
Matthew T. Seevers, PhD
Kathleen M. Sheehan, PhD (2 awards)
Diana W. Thomas, PhD
Laura M. Walker, BA, MS
Sarah Singletary Walker, PhD
Kenneth Washer, DBA, CFA, CFP®
Angela C. Wayman, BS
Janessa Wolf, MSAcc, CPA
Deborah L. Wells, PhD