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Creighton Law supports mission to create more diverse legal community in Nebraska

Feb 11, 2022
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Creighton law classroom with diverse students present

Creighton Law, along with the Nebraska State Bar Association, UNL Law and 16 law firms and businesses have joined together to create the Nebraska Legal Diversity Council (NLDC). The Council will work to lessen disparities in the state of Nebraska to create a more diverse and inclusive legal community.

The NLDC will accomplish its mission to create a culturally diverse and inclusive community by:

  • Enhancing the ability of Nebraska Law firms and employers to recruit, develop, advance and retain diverse lawyers by communicating the business case for establishing diversity and inclusion into the practice of law in Nebraska
  • Increasing the pipeline of diverse law school candidates to and graduate from Creighton Law and University of Nebraska College of Law
  • Providing expertise, programs, incentives, and support to the Nebraska legal community
  • Ensuring diverse law students and lawyers in Nebraska are provided professional development opportunities.

Creighton Law Dean, Joshua Fershée said, “Creighton is a Catholic Jesuit institution that focuses on social justice discernment, and since we are very mission-focused, the NLDC focuses on what we’re trying to accomplish here.”

The founding members of the organization are committed to actively participating and have also pledged a financial commitment of $10,000 a year for the new three years to help startup the organization.

Adjunct faculty member, Shawntal Mallory, will serve as the Executive Director for the organization. She mentioned “this is the first statewide model to be implemented with the collective involvement of law schools, firms, corporations and the state bar association.”

In addition to providing help to incoming and established lawyers and law students, the NLDC will work to reach grade school and middle school students, and provide speakers and shadowing opportunities especially to children of color to see lawyers and judges of color in order to plant the seed as early as possible.

The Council also plans to offer scholarships in the future.

To learn more about this new organization, visit:

This summary was created from the article, “'We Can Move the Needle More if We Work Together': Firms, Businesses, Bar Groups and Law Schools Band Together in New DEI Effort”.

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