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How you can help your student through mental health struggles

Sep 26, 2022
5 min Read
Creighton Recreation and Wellness

For some families, speaking about holistic wellness and mental health is a new topic. In addition to discussing how classes are going, remember to speak to your students about how they are feeling. 

With World Mental Health Day on the horizon on Oct. 10, you may consider asking your student some of the following questions: 

  • Have you developed any new habits or routines since August? Do they help or hinder your progress?  
  • What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced this semester? 
  • What types of things do you do to unwind and relax?  
  • Who do you talk to during the day?  

When you engage in conversations about mental health and wellness remind your student that it’s OK to struggle. Consider sharing a time when you went through something similar. Be intentional about listening and try not to immediately jump into problem solving mode. If they’re struggling, you may also ask your student, “What do you think is a good next step?” 

Letting your student take the lead helps them establish confidence, gain agency and build trust as you navigate life’s obstacles together. 

To assist families, we’ve provided an outline of Creighton’s wellness offerings, which are aligned with the Ignatian value of cura personalis or “holistic care for the whole person.” Our goal is to help students achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle that will allow them to thrive.  

Creighton offers multiple health and wellness programs for students

Encourage your student to check out the following wellness programs: 

Creighton Cupboard — This program provides a range of both perishable and nonperishable food items to undergraduate, graduate and professional students who self-identify as food insecure. 

Elevate Your Health — This exercise and nutrition program guides students on their fitness and nutrition journey. All workouts are provided by our nationally certified trainers, and all nutrition tips are provided by Creighton's registered dietitian. 

Financial Wellness Consultations — Holistic wellness encompasses many dimensions, including financial health. Email Jim Dorsey to schedule an appointment. Students can ask questions and build a plan to keep their finances on track.  

Massage Therapy — Creighton's massage therapists provide relaxation and physical healing, conveniently located on-campus in the WellNest inside the Kiewit Fitness Center. Book an appointment

With midterm exams around the corner, continue to listen, encourage and ask your student how they plan to reach their goals. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Office of Student and Family Support: Email or call 402-280-1212 with questions.