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KETV Interviews Lenz for Mental Health and COVID-19 Discussion

Jun 15, 2021
5 min Read
Video still of Tom Lenz during an interview with KETV

Battling the Mental Health Effects of COVID-19


This summer Tom Lenz, PharmD, professor and program director, Integrative Health and Wellness, was interviewed by Julie Cornell with KETV, Omaha's local news station. He provided insight on the mental health effects of COVID-19.

Lenz states, "Upwards of 85% or 90% of our doctor visits are because of stress. [Stress causes] issues for us in our physical health and we don't know that for a few decades." When asked what symptoms could be indicative of health effects, 'heart disease,' 'high blood pressure,' etc.; he mentions "all of the above."

150 minutes a week of moderate intensity, such as walking," Lenz says can aid in reducing stress.

Watch the full segment, “CHRONICLE: Battling the mental health effects of COVID-19,” here