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Leah Georges Will Ask Her YP Audience to Consider the Value of Subtraction

Feb 25, 2022
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Leah Georges

Leah Georges, PhD, Associate Professor, is getting to be a regular at the podium for the Omaha Chamber’s 17th annual YP Summit. This will be her third presentation to the gathering, with an expected attendance of 1,500 of the area’s young professionals. The event will be on March 31 at Omaha’s CHI Health Center.

Georges, a native of South Dakota, attended Creighton as an undergrad and now is the Program Director of the Interdisciplinary Leadership doctoral program. She loves speaking at the YP Summit. “My goal is to make nerdy things relevant.”

Her topic will be The Art of Taking Away. “We’re overwhelmed as a world. At the start of the pandemic, we added processes and new communication styles and built communities that we could join virtually. What resulted is that everyone is burned out,” Georges said.

We don’t work from home – we live at work.
— Leah Georges

She believes that we can do more by subtracting than we gain by adding. “We spend more time collecting than curating what we already have. We rarely subtract. Paring back simply isn’t in our collective nature.”

Georges is looking forward to sharing this topic with the audience of YPs. “Having more or doing more doesn’t necessarily mean we ‘are’ more but we tend to think of ourselves that way,” she admits. “We need to stop the glorification of busy.”

She hopes that the audience will take away a change of perception that subtraction might be a more successful alternative when solving challenges. “We need to get to a point when faced with a challenge, we entertain a subtraction before we jump to an addition. We need a ‘transformation by subtraction.”

Georges admits that she reacts with similar muscle memory. “I’ve been steeped in this work for a while. My reflex is still to build in or do ‘more’ when it might be improved by removing. It’s the ultimate ‘easier said than done.’ Cutting away does not come naturally to me, and I think many others.” She advises that we take a hard look at those things we have added to be more efficient, but that takes away from deep work and community.

The YP Summit is the only personal/professional development conference of its kind in the region. It’s not just the largest YP Summit in Nebraska – it’s also the largest YP Summit in the nation. Their goal is harnessing the collective energy of young professionals to empower every attendee. To educate, collaborate and engage at this marquee event for YPs in Omaha.

Creighton University Grad Programs and the Heider College of Business have regularly supported the YP Summit and the Young Professional Council initiatives. This year’s theme is the Middle of Everywhere, showcasing our geo-location and that we as people are crucial to our city. They intend to identify key actions that will assist emerging leaders in connecting to the community and be accountable for its success.

Learn more about Creighton’s Heider College of Business. Learn more about the YP Summit and view tickets.