Sustainable Creighton

Expressing gratitude and caring for our planet.

Sustainable Creighton

The Office of Sustainability Programs welcomes you to join us in celebrating the gift of creation this year by participating in Earth Month events. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. Many students, faculty, and staff are collaborating to bring you ongoing and single day events starting throughout the entire month of April. Join us in raising awareness, expressing gratitude, and engaging in behaviors that care for the Earth.

2019 Earth Day Theme: Protect Our Species

Human impacts on the environment have led to a dramatic decline of species throughout the world. Earth Day Network has facts about global species decline and steps you can take to protect our species. Find out more about this year’s theme through the Earth Day Network.

Learn more about our events and find out how you can make a better impact on Creighton and our Earth.

Classroom Experiences and Beyond

Creighton’s College of Arts and Sciences offers different ways to incorporate sustainability into the curriculum, including several majors and minors.

Creighton also offers many study abroad programs that include ecological, social, and economic sustainability learning opportunities.

Awards & Affiliations

Sustainability awards and affiliations