Awards announcement

Creighton Global Initiative 2016 Awards Announced.

In my inaugural address last October, I announced that one of my first priorities was creation of the Creighton Global Initiative (CGI), which seeks to animate, enrich, and embrace an intentional global focus for the University community.
I am enthused to announce the awarding of nearly one and an half million dollars in seed funding for proposals recently submitted as part of the initiative. Awards are being given to thirty innovative projects ranging from international immersion and study abroad programs for Creighton faculty, staff, and students – including scholarships for student participants; to new research proposals, campus conferences and workshops, and a lecture series. Myriad projects will allow our campus to engage global realities and relationships abroad, around Omaha, and on campus.
I encourage you to visit the Global Engagement Office website to view a complete list of 2016 CGI projects that alumni and friends of the University have made possible through their generous contributions. The initial funding comes from restricted donor funds that currently total approximately $4 million. It is my hope that additional support will be forthcoming so that we may continue funding new projects for several years.
I would like to thank the faculty, staff, and students who served on the CGI committee for their diligence in reviewing the many outstanding proposals that were submitted. This was a collaborative and thoughtful effort to determine how we could be true to the criteria established for the initiative.
The Creighton Global Initiative will take more of Creighton out into the world, and it will bring more of the world to Creighton.